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PTC 3D Mascot Challenge Submissions


PTC 3D Mascot Challenge Submissions

Hi Teams!

Please reply to this thread with your finished 3D model of your mascot from the challenge.  Include the Creo model of your mascot not just the STL.

To reply to this thread with an attachment...

  1. Click Reply
  2. Select "Use advanced editor"
  3. In the full editor click on "attach" in the bottom right and select your file.

Due Date: April 10th, 2016


FRC Team 1965 Mascot! The Firebirds!



FRC Team 2834 Mascot! The Bionic Black Hawks!


Mascot for the Tuxedo Pandas FTC 4924.


Team 5040 Loveland Nuts and Bolts Tiger!

Hi Team 5040.  Can you please re-send your files and include all the PRT files as well as the ASM file?

Thank you!

I apologize! I just now saw this! Will do!

The Tuxedo Pandas, FTC 4924, thoroughly enjoyed this challenge! Chloe (ddowns/Franky Marchand user in previous post) is an 8th grade student who has become our CAD guru.  She encouraged and mentored two other team members to take up CREO, and all members are involved in the CAD process this year.

So as one of the coaches, I got hooked on "How to Model Cartoon Characters" by PTC - what a great reference and really, a stand-alone publication to get excited about PTC Creo!

While on an Army Reserve assignment last month across the globe, I had some quiet time in the late evenings, so I worked on my own Tuxedo Panda model. I enjoyed getting into the component details, but when I sent the team a screen shot (below), they agreed that it looked scary! I told them I didn't have an adjustment tool for Scary or Cute - they would have to analyze what made the creation scary. I am, after all, an engineer.


After deliberating, the team recommendations included moving the eyes lower on the face, reducing the size of the pupils, decreasing the exaggerated dimples, shrinking the mouth, posing the panda in a sitting position, and a slight reduction in the snout. We also added a third eyelash.  That produced the model we're calling Amanda the Panda!


To be clear, this isn't an entry in the Mascot challenge - it's a story to share of our team's experience with PTC Creo.  I commend Chloe for doing her own work, even though I made model parts for Amanda available.  STL and Creo files are attached. Please feel free to use our parts on your own cartoon characters - after all, that's what the PTC and FIRST communities are about!

To go along with our other files, here are the parts! We are sorry! We are new at this!


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