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Problem Installing Creo Elements/P​ro 5.0 Student Edition - Wildfire50


Problem Installing Creo Elements/P​ro 5.0 Student Edition - Wildfire50

wildfire stuck at 1 percent.png

We purchased two copies in preparation for a class to be offered next semester at our school, and have encountered several hurdles in the download/installation process, I am afraid. So I am hoping we can get this up and running soon! The company we purchased the software from said we should contact Creo for our installation problems. I hope I am posting in the right place. =]

Basically, the install freezes up at this point.

I had found a previous post in which someone had had an identical problem to mine, namely that the installation stalls at 1%

The solution offered was to email someone for a disk with the needed files, I believe.

Sadly, I was not able to locate this post again to avoid spamming up your forum. Sorry! and thanks for your time.



Okay it occurred to me to search on "1%" and I was able to find this discussion:

with this information:

Hi all,

Thank you for raising this issue with PTC. I am making steps to address the 'install from the web' process.

Since, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 is now offered on DVD, we wanted to provide an install process that would not require users to download the full media DVD (3.6 GB). The intent was to allow users to download a small executable which would initiate PTC.Setup. During the install, the required files would be downloaded from

Depending on network connectivity, we are finding a number of users not able to successfully complete the install via the 'install from the web' process. For this reason, we will provide a link to download the full media to users local machine.

I am anticipating this to be available by the end of the week (August 20, 2010). When available, I will post a reply stating it live. On the page, where you downloaded the setup executable, you will see a new link for downloading the full image. Once downloaded, you can unzip the file and perform setup from the folder. This will allow you to successfully install the edition.

If you have future issue, please send an email to -.


Mark Fischer

Director, PTC Education


Hi Steve,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

Please send an email to - and we can ship you a copy of the Pro/ENGINEER Schools Edition.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




Hi Matt,

Can you please email - to get support for your Student Edition?

They will be able to provide immediate assistance for your issue.




hi James, can you please email me (-) your best mailing address and i will ship you a physical DVD?



(Dmitry Orlov)

I was unable to navigate this discussion forum in the way most of the forums I am familiar with.

I will email the - address.

Thank you.

Message was edited by: Deborah Alexander


Hi Deborah,

I would like to have you download the full media versus using the install from the web utility.

Can you please email me at -, so I can send you the link..



Thank you very much for your prompt reply, your speedy email, and the solution to the problem!

I am all set now.


I am having a similar issue installing the Student/Educator of Creo 2.0. Mark, I also sent you an email. Can I also get a copy of the disks so I can install it?

Tamaira Ross

Please download the Creo 2.0 DVD from here. After accepting conditions of the export agreement, use the Download Manager link for Win 32-64 DVD (4478 MB).

After you'd downloaded the zip file, extract the contents from a folder and use the setup.exe file to install.

Note that the new download options seem to be about 2X faster than our old WF5 download method. Just the other day I was on a customer's computer and he downloaded the entire DVD in 30 minutes.

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