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Probleme mit STEP Import ; Problems importing STEP


Probleme mit STEP Import ; Problems importing STEP

Hallo ich habe ein Problem beim Importieren von STEP-Daten .

Wenn ich eine STEP-Datei in einer Baugruppenerstellung öffne ist die STEP Zeichnung ganz klein ,konkreter Fall ein Lager mit Außendurchmesser von 42 mm ist nur noch knapp 1 mm groß .

Wenn ich STEP-Daten aber normal im Zeichnungsmodus öffne ist alles in Ordnung ,soll heißen die Maße passen .

Was läuft da falsch ???


I would suggest you check what system of units you are using.

I guess you are right , but why is my Version of ProE not saving the settings to mm and Kilogramms ,everytime i start it the Settings are resettet to inches and pounds .

cheers Sandro


When you installed Pro/E you selected Inches as your default so it is setup now so that each new model uses Inches.

I can help you change this but first, can you verify that you have a folder in your installation folder named "pro_standards"? If you have this folder, you can change the default units by running one of the following .bat files:

  • configure_for_iso_mmks.bat (iso drawing standard)
  • configure_for_asme_mmks.bat (asme drawing standard)
  • configure_for_iso_mmks_3rd.bat (iso drawing but with 3rd angle projection)

Note that Pro/E must not be running when you do this and you must have read/write permissions on the installation folder.

I hope this helps.



As i installed ProE i´am 137.6 % sure that i have selected mm and kilogramm as units .

And i dont have a folder named `pro_standards` in my installation folder .

In case i have to install ProE new what happend to my models so far , can i use them after the reinstall ???

Thanks Sandro

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