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Problems with CREO 2.0


Problems with CREO 2.0

I have installed 2.0 from the website and then proceeded tofollow all instructions including putting in my licence code in the installation

It then came up with quality agent error and then licencing error and is not letting me run the programs

Can someone please help me?



I suspect the quality agent was not an error but was simply an install of remaining software.

As for the license, all too often there is a problem with the MAC address used to get the license. It has happened to the best of us. Even the CPUID.exe reports the wrong address. If you know that the MAC address truly is the physical LAN card, then it may be the registry entry for the wireless card. If windows thinks the wireless card is primary, so will LMGRD. Even if the registry has "12" for the wireless card, a network card of "2" is secondary because something sees the "12" as "1".

If you search the forum you will see many cases where this is true. Customer support went into my registry to get this fixed... my VAR saved me a lot of trouble when the CPUID read my router... etc.

You were not singled out, honest

Welcome to the forum!

Feel free to log a customer support case with high priority and they should get right back to you. I am assuming you are a new customer(?)

I have a pc 64bit windows 7, I will log a case in the morning and I will hopefully get it fixed asap

64bit and Windows 7 is fine.

Which version of Creo are you installing; Student or Academic Edition?

Did you install over the web or download the zipped DVD? Install over the web can fail if there is any interruption in the connection. Try downloading the full DVD zip and use this to reinstall.

Did you cut/paste your product code into the licensing field and did the license form confirm the license was created in the bottom field?

Posting in this group, I assume you are an education user. Tech support can be accessed at the link below.

I am installing student not th uni college one,

I installed over the web by clicking on the link on the download selection page.

I did copy and paste the licence code from the email to the installation program.

It did confirm it I believe,

I am a student but my teacher has no clue on using it so this is the best place for me to come to learn from professionals.

I suggest you download the install DVD image from this link

Then extract into a temporary folder and do a reinstall from there?

Was it the view 2.0 or illustrate 2.0

If you are trying to install Creo 2.0, go to the downloads page and use the Download Manager link.

I captured that part of the downloads page and outlined the link in the image below.


Well I installed it for like the 4th time and when I go to open the direct or parametric it is saying to go on the resources website not the dvd-rom and it just automatically comes up that is stopped working and closes it. I did put it in a seprate file and install it.

Stewart, I am sorry to hear you are still having problems. Can I connect to see what is going on with the install?

E-mail me outside this forum with your phone number and suggested times when you can be online.


Stewart I had problem downloading 2.0 as well. It took several tries to get an uncorrupted file.

Once I did get it download and installed I was able to fix the Quality Agent problem by opening Creo once as administrater, This will give it the credntials needed to register and afterwords Parametric opened fine. To open as administrater rite click on the file and run as administrater.

This works if you followed the steps in the instruction were it said to install creo as administrater. If you installed under a different user. open creo as that user.

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