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Refrences anyone?


Refrences anyone?

Hi all,

I am mentoring 3316 in Israel. so far i got them hooked and working pretty nicely with Creo. I am looking for refrences for "cool stuff" that Creo can do. im not such an advanced user myself so im basicly looking for something that has a buzz effect (more than your regular tutorials on ptc university)

anything recommended?

(this could become a thread to gather refrences


There's an awesome model of Buzz Lightyear here on PlanetPTC. Just do a search for Buzz. I think the model is actually in the corporate edition of Pro/E though.

This could get them totally excited.

i tried opening it in the wf5 schools edition and it doesnt work. any ideas?

is there a database of previouse years designs that i can show them?

Just showing them them this years kit of parts (KOP) and the field models and assemblies might get them excited? It is hard to recommend more if your ProE experience is low.

If you had more experience, you could demonstrate motion capabilities and rendering capabilities.

already did the KOP part. ill try the motion and rendering too.

You can use the KOP as a design challenge too. PTC has already modeled a long and short version of the AndyMark chassis (thank you Mark!). I often ask the kids to build a sub assembly based on one of these. Since the completed model is done, they have a nice reference to work from. In general, the kids are much happier when they have a task that challenges them vs. getting a demo or explanation from their mentor.

Create an analysis feature to locate the center of gravity and put a coordingate system there. I usually assembly a "ball" or create a surface sphere there so it is easy to find. As the kids add new parts and start the design process, the CG will move around accordingly. It will be even more important if you get your "arm" designed and want to know what will tip you over.

good idea. ill do that.

Hi Itzbik,

There are a few groups here on PlanetPTC that you can join and see firsthand the cool things Creo Elements/Pro users are creating.

This one is run by students, very inspiring.

This group is dedicated to renderings

Here are scale models of vehicles


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