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What is Mathcad good for?


What is Mathcad good for?

Hi all,

I am the Academic Program Manager for Mathcad at PTC. I know that some FIRST Mentors make use of Mathcad in FIRST (or their courses) and others never install the software. I want to introduce myself so that folks will know that they have a contact for Mathcad at PTC.

I joined PTC in June after 20 years' experience in math education as a teacher, researcher, and teacher educator. In the short time I have been at PTC, I have become very excited about FIRST! What a great program! Over the next few years I look forward to working closely with Jordan Cox, Mark Fisher, Sheila Rogers, and Adam Haas to support all of the teachers, students, and volunteer mentors who make FIRST such a great program.

In the meantime, here are some resources to help you understand Mathcad's capabilities:


  1. Better Homework with Mathcad
  2. Multiple Representations with Mathcad
  3. Live Math with Mathcad

Blog Entries:

  1. Five Good Reasons to Teach with Mathcad
  2. Why don't my students love Mathcad as much as I do?
  3. Matrices in Algebra 1

Good luck with your FIRST Robotics teams this year!!





Hi Christopher,

I can't believe I missed your post! You're the guy I really need to be nice to! I'm a long-time user of Pro/E and Windchill and a FIRST mentor for quite a few seasons. What I don't have is a lot of experience in Mathcad, but I see that it has fantastic potential for robotics as well as opening up new avenues for learning!

I have been seeing a missing link in the several robotics teams I've been involved with and that is true integration of the math and physics into the program. I think you're just the person that may help fix that!

Incidentally, I have a meeting with a school teacher on the 19th to talk about PTC and how to integrate the tools into a curriculum. Any additonal information you can send would be greatly appreciated!

Great to see you here and hope to hear more from you!



If you need some Mathcad user testimonial to help build your case for cirriculum integration, here are some reactions to Chris' blog post, Five Good Reasons to Teach with Mathcad.


Thanks Dan!

I've been Googling for Mathcad and found quite a bit of university level stuff as well. Very impressive!