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Thingworx Foundation Certificate


Thingworx Foundation Certificate



I have earned Thingworx foundations Certification in December 2019 on PTC University.


As a part of this I completed below three modules and then final exam.

1. Fundamentals of IOT Development with Thingworx.

2. IOT UI Development with Thingworx

3. IOT Modelling with Thingworx.


Now PTC has closed this portal. Now Where is my certificate data and will it be Valid ? Can this be Transferred to new Training Portal Structure ? It wasn't free certificate as the organization would have paid for it.


Where Can I download this Certificate Again ?



Swapnil, I will bring your question to the attention of a colleague in PTC University. They will reach out shortly! 

5-Regular Member

Hi Swapnil, 

Can you please reach out to with your inquiry? They will be able to best answer your questions regarding reprinting the certificate. Please include your organization's name and the email address for your training account so they can easily find your info. 



Answer I received from Training Central is as below.


As we have checked, using this user mail “”, you completed “ThingWorx Foundation Assessment (Older)” and there is no need to provide you access to Training Central as you got your certificate to showcase your skills.


I am not happy with this and I cannot redownload my certificate. It is not Professional from PTC front. 

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