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looking for sheet metal tutorial


looking for sheet metal tutorial

Hi all,

hope you had a good build season. I know we have.

one of the kids asked me about a good pdf sheet metal tutorial. i couldnt find one...

does anyne have anything up their sleeve?



Greetings Itzik!

I think all my teams have had a good build season, but are happy to finally go home and sleep...I know I am!

I wonder if the student is asking about sheetmetal because they saw this video?

Anyway, I don't have anything at-hand. Perhaps Chris Hartman has something available?


lol. thats exactly thereason! how could you possibly know that?

they demonstrate some nice sheet metal work. need a good sponsor for that...

hope chris will have something.

Hi Itzik,

Our group does not have a Sheetmetal tutorial but I have emailed you a link to the course on the Schools PLMS server.

Hope this helps.



thanks ! ! !

Is there any chance I could get a look at that course too? I've always been curious as to how to do actual sheet metal parts, but after experimenting for a while, sheet metal is still as arcane to me as it was before I tried to learn it (perhaps even more so).

Be sure to check out PTC University Learning Exchange. Here is a collection of "sheet metal" tutorials.

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