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problems installing creo 2 in my laptop


problems installing creo 2 in my laptop

Please i need someone to help me resolve this issue. I have been trying to install creo 2 in my laptop but i keep encountering thesame problem. In the course of my installation when i enter the product code and click install licensing i get an error message. what might be wrong? My operating system is windows 7.


Hi Nfoni, were you able to get it running?

What error message are you getting?

I too am having issues, initially with the same problem. Attached is an image of the message box that appears when I try to open up Creo:


I lack any prior knowledge to parse this, aside from that the source of the file in my computer may be off?

Thank you in advance; my team (2220) is trying to make the switch to Creo 2 before the season begins.

If I've somehow misspoken, please forgive me, as I'm not entirely sure what the correct etiquette is in this forum.

I should probably also mention that the fix we attempted to fix installation problems with was a license emailed to me by my one of my team's mentors.

Hi Nicholas,

it looks to me like you may have the wrong MAC address. I can see in your license file that it is set up for E0-CB-4E-3C-04-4E. That is probably your mentor's MAC address.

You should probably run through setup again and select the option to request a license.

By the way, kudos for posting on the forum! We're happy to see FIRST team members here and will try our best to help you learn! Keep at it!


So I've tried this, both through the "Install New Software" option and the "Setup License" function. Either option just returns a red "Error" response. No window, no description. I do still have Creo installed, but I can't seem to find an uninstall utility, and I'm a little bit reluctant to delve into my program directory and delete the files manually. Upon mouseover, it just reads "Contact License management." This is the same issue I was running into before, and circumvented via the manual license file.

Also, the program is being installed via a disc recieved from my mentor, using the product code sent to him via email. I'm not sure, but might that be part of the problem?

Is there any more info I could or should provide?

Thank you.

Hi Nicholas,

I see that you mentioned that you received a license file from your team mentor. Each standalone product code can only be used for one computer because the license file that is created is tied to the Host ID of the computer. So you are correct in that using the license file created by your mentor is the reason that you are having troubles.

In order to obtain a license for Creo 2.0, you will need to register for a product code by going to There is a link on that webpage to register for Creo. Once you have submitted the registration form, you will be sent an email containing your product code along with licensing information.

Hope this helps!


Curtis Siebenaller

Thank you fo clarifying! I had originally thought to do that, however from our team's previous experience with Windchill assumed that it would similarly need to signed up with a mentor. This does beg the question, however, of how our team will install Creo 2 on the half-dozen team computers that we use to CAD. As these are not attached to specific team members, they do not have a PTC account associated with them. I'm curious as to what we should do in order to get Creo on those computers, as we are attempting to push CAD software as a fundamental aspect of our design process, and part of that relies on the availability of Creo to our students. I'm sure this is probably something that Mr. Anderson (the mentor who has been organizing the setup and dispersion of Creo and previously Pro/E) must be more concerned with, but I am regardless quite interested. I would presume this would relate to the "Lab License" option on the form for requesting an academic license?

Again, that you for your help!

Each team member can register for a license of Creo 2.0. The product code they receive can be used to install Creo on one of the team computers.

A Lab License would only be used if you wanted to server licenses from a license server (computers would always need access to that networked server so I doubt this is the route you would want to take).