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request failed for feature - Can't run CREO


request failed for feature - Can't run CREO

Hello Guys, i need some help with the nerve-wracking installation of CREO parametric 4.0.

I've been using it for about 1 year now without any installation problems on my computer and my laptop.

Today I needed to reinstall Windows on my laptop, so I had to do the same with CREO.

At first, I had no problem entering the student license but after I opened Creo I got this error in the picture.

 After browsing the forum I think I‘ve tried everything I could do:

 I checked my Host-ID:

          W-LAN: CC-B0-DA-3F-C3-29

          LAN: 98-E7-F4-DB-71-74

            (I changed my w-lan to primary in regedit and I’m connected to the internet via              

          w-lan also)


After trying everything like checking the license file, reinstalling CREO again - still nothing works. I even get an error filling in the license in the setup window so I used the earlier license file (with the right PATH and ID).

The license Is for the right HOST-ID, so it should work, but also the error says, that this license doesn't support this version (Creo Parametric 4.0 M060), but I can use the exact same version with the same license on my computer.


Can anyone please help me ?

24-Ruby II



34.0 in error message tells you that this is Creo 3.0 license.


BK400407EDSTUDENTUNICL belongs to Creo 3.0.


To install Creo 4.0 please follow instructions.

Martin Hanák
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