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Looking for Sensitivity Analysis help?


Looking for Sensitivity Analysis help?


I've never performed a sensitivity analysis in CREO before and was given a tutorial to follow. Unfortunately this tutorial is from 2001 and what ever Pro/E version they were using back then and I can't follow it due to the differences in the programs.

It's a very simple analysis of maximizing the volume of water in a hand-pump.

Could anyone help me with creating this analysis. Or if there are other simple sensitivity analysis pdf tutorials out there for Mechanisms.

I've included the tutorial which is in the zipped folder with the assembled model and the exercise on sensitivity analysis which is only 3 pages long with large text and diagrams, starts on the pdf page number 120. (The boundary conditions start page 116).

It's really just Exercise 2, those three pages I need help interpreting to Creo 2.0.

Would I be right in saying you actually create the measures in MDX not BMX and then go to BMX after the measures are created?

I should mention that this sensitivity analysis is coming from a Mechanisms model not a Simulate model.

Many Thanks,



Student version, thanks.



It seems to me that this should be possible, the school should have a license exchange ?.

Best Regards.


Does anyone know off hand how to convert a parts license?

Also I've almost figured it out, if I make the measures in Mechanisms I can then run a motion analysis in BMX and get pretty much all the parameters from there. The only parameter I can't get is the water_volume one as I can't seem to take the min_y and max_y parameters. If I try make a "Relation" "Type" analysis the min and max parameters arent there.

I can't make that measure in mechanisms because the "Separation" measure only allows for relative displacement between each other and not the desired y-distance only?



p.s. here's the drawings, though I understand if you haven't the time to model them