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Follow the PTC Chess Champs! February 19-21

Community Manager

Follow the PTC Chess Champs! February 19-21

This week is an exciting week for PTC Chess enthusiasts!


PTC has formed four global chess teams to compete against other corporate teams including AutoDesk and Dassault in the online  WORLD CORPORATE CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP which is organized by FIDE (the International Chess Federation) and (a leading online chess platform) February 19-21.





This contest inspired the PTC Community Team to officially inaugurate @Dale_Rosema  the PTCooler King! He even has a new badge to honor all his consistent, great contributions to the PTCooler Lounge. Laughter is so important, and we all look forward to our Friday engineering joke from Dale. If you have a suggestion on how to make our "lounge" more exciting or a better connection place, please be sure to reach out to  Dale or a PTC Community Manager. We are interested in your feedback!





You can follow the PTC Chess Team participants and see them compete on  on game days!


Root on PTC,  and encourage your company to get involved in this awesome competition next year!


If you or your company are already enrolled in this year's competition, please leave a reply and let us know your username. We want to cheer you on too!


And, for absolutely anybody.  You can donate to these great causes that are being sponsored this year.


FIDE decided to waive the entry fee to take part in this event and instead chose to organize a fundraiser where all proceeds will go to  three social projectsChess In EducationChess For People With Disabilities, and FIDE Chess Veterans Support Program.

FIDE goal is to raise at least 100,000€  ($121,215.00.00 USD) through this activity. This amounts, on average, to a very reasonable 350€  ($424.14 USD) contribution per participant team.

If FIDE meets our goal (100k), a representative of the company that has donated more funds (Your president, your CEO; your founder...) will be invited to make the ceremonial first move during one of the games at the FIDE World Chess Championship 2021.

PTC Player Names and Usernames


Global Team User Name PTC Community Name
PTC Haifa

johnsinit  (Captain)

PTC Haifa


PTC Haifa Datakprosto  
PTC Haifa Ilyagoldberg1  
PTC Haifa sshlafman  
PTC Herzilya

si314 (Captain)

PTC Herzilya abcd76  
PTC Herzilya misht78  mshtein
PTC Herzilya Ally221 amarchenko
PTC Herzilya    
PTC Pune

Sgl0274  (Captain)

PTC Pune


PTC Pune


PTC Pune Liellev  
PTC Pune harral123 HarishankarRall
PTC Pune N/A hsoman
PTC Boston KNGKLLA (1950)  (Captain)  
PTC Boston Palopalo98  
PTC Boston blackswan60  
PTC Boston Amateur_usa yakov
PTC Boston WilliamBones (1700) ptc-90099
PTC Boston




The game of chess as noted by Simon Williams.


“The beauty of chess is it can be whatever you want it to be. It transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender, and socioeconomic background. Whatever your circumstances, anyone can enjoy a good fight to the death over the chess board.”


Checkmate! 🙂

23-Emerald II

Makes me think of one of my favorite short movies:



Community Manager

Catching up this post with PTC Chess Team outcomes!


The highlight of the tournament for PTC Community Member @A_Aksyonov : (Team Haifa) drew a game against a Grandmaster  Gulmira Dauletova from Kazakhstan (country champion in 2019), rated 2285. This was her only half-point dropped at the tournament, well done, Aleksey!


  • Team PTC Haifa played in group East B and finished with 13 points, wining 2 matches, drawing 2 and losing 2. They ranked 17th out of 40 teams due to tie-break (exactly their starting rank), but only 1 point shy of Top 10 finish.
  • Team PTC Herzliya (East D) won 3 and lost 3, finishing at 20th place out of 40 (ranked 21 at the beginning) with 12 points.
  • Team PTC Pune (East F) were a bit unfortunate to face 3 opponents from TOP10 (those matches finished with a heavy loss). Out of the other 3 matches they won 2 and drew 1, finishing at 34th position with 9 points.
  • Team PTC Boston (West A) won 2, drew 1 and lost 3 as well, finishing 14th out of 26, with 11.5 points, just below their starting ranking (13).