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February 2021 Community Noteworthy Posts!

Community Manager

February 2021 Community Noteworthy Posts!



Below are the top engaging PTC Community threads for February!  See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!


February Top Viewed Noteworthy Posts


  • Creo:  Centre of Gravity (CG) for parts, assemblies and drawings to be shown as icon?


Contributors to the thread:  @pimm @KenFarley @ghkhkjhkjh @rrich-2  @BrianTaylor @Shahbazk61 @AntoniodeItaVen @Roy_Crerar 

  • Creo:  Simplify a Assembly into a part


Contributors to the thread:     TomU   @gnewman  @jgp_shanghai @StephenW @dgschaefer @JLG 

@Juanneumann72   @TomD.inPDX @RaphMORIN  


  • Creo:  Placement disappeared


Contributors to the thread: @trohwedder @MartinHanak  @CTool  @pace @bbrinser  @Brainjack @pace  @saravanang  @jnorris  @Chilan 


  • Creo:  Creating BOM table in Creo Drawing involving sub assemblies components


Contributors to the thread:   @MohaSharifi  @MartinHanak  @StephenW @Deepakjohsh  


  • Windchill:  What is a WT Part, WT Document, WT Object?


Contributors to the thread: @ptc-6026219  @AL_ANDERSON  @MikeLockwood  @KD  @BuddyHudson  


February Top Engaged Noteworthy Posts


  1.  Creo:   @kdirth, @pausob, and @Tdaugherty engaged with former Solidworks user @NR_9770144   shared some tips that can help make the learning curve less steep  when  Showing Motion with cylinders is a challenge


  1.  ThingWorx@DmitryTsarev started a discussion around Underscore characters in output from base64EncodeBytes


  1. ThingWorx:  The conversation about Custom code to get data using OData API  was started by @ptc-41657.

  1. ThingWorx:  @SO9699370 received an Accepted Solution for the issue regarding Error while importing google map widget


  1.  ThingWorx:  A PTC eSupport knowledge article was used to support the inquiry by @Ecko665 around Advanced Grid not rendering last column on Twx 8.5.3


  1. Vuforia:  @AceRothstein  started a discussion about Toggling of Shaders not working

Thank you, @Suraj_Patil for also contributing to the conversation!


  1.  Vuforia:  @AS16 received an Accepted Solution for the inquiry around Expand & Collapse Sidebar.


  1.  Vuforia:  @pjahn found some help from PTC Technical Support when he replied to this post regarding New Functionality:  Versions and History in Vuforia Expert Capture.


  1.  Vuforia@MAF started the discussion about Get scanned ThinkMark ID Value


  1. Vuforia:  The topic of Allow copy/paste of views (or some other method of duplicating a view proved to be a lively discussion with @ClayHelberg  @dsgnrClarK and @mwodarz_INNEO!

Thank you for contributing to the thread!


  1.  Windchill:  Great conversation started by @DanielScheidegg around Windchill without WindchillDS  Thank you @AndyHermanson, @MikeLockwood, @TomU, @RandyJones, and @AK_9115379, and @BjoernRueegg


  1. Windchill:   @yardsail revitalized a 2015 thread started by @BenitoRuiz How do I load a previous version drawing and assembly into the workspace?  Original Accepted Solution by TomU and a new helpful reply by @BenLoosli

 Thank you @Milender20 @alex57 for also contributing to the thread!


  1. Windchill:  @Henrik_F received a referral to a eSupport help article and an Accepted Solution from mlockwood-2 for his inquiry about STEP file publishing with revision information


  1.  Arbortext:   @kleind received Accepted Solution from @BLArts How to cut multiple lines?


  1. Arbortext:   @ptc-4791061 asked about  Arbortext Editor PDF font issue  Thank you, @GarethOakes for contributing to the discussion!


  1. FlexPLM:  @schandrasehkar bumped up a 2019 thread  Upcoming Webinar: FlexPLM Reporting: How to Use Query Builder  to receive help with a FlexPLM Join model


  1.  FlexPLM: This February a top viewed post created in 2017 Create in New Color Development Request so that is it associated with a Specification and therefore can be added to a tech pack was asked by @csmith-9 .  Thank you, @pbanerjee for contributing to the thread!


  1. Windchill SSE:  @rmuthiahkasthur revitalized the thread Upgrade from old version to latest 12.2.1   started by @kjain-2 and received links to PTC knowledge articles that help support the upgrade path.  Thank you, @RN_9813253,  for contributing to the conversation!


  1. Windchill SSE:  @ML_7184897 asked a great question related to PTC Integrity 10.5: Download change package content   Thank you, @pmaechtlen , for adding to the thread !


  1.  Mathcad: @AG_9821619 revitalized the thread from 2017 How to Read a Binary COMTRADE Data File started by @ppal Thank you, @LucMeekes for providing the Accepted Solution and helping out this month too!