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September Noteworthy Community Posts!

Community Manager

September Noteworthy Community Posts!

September Noteworthy Community Posts


Below are the top engaging PTC Community threads for September! See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!

1. Creo: @tbraxton started a great discussion “Fill pattern using curve option; expected results”

“...The example here is a simplification of an issue with a complex model. When using the fill pattern with curve grid type I am not able to evenly distribute points along a closed curve….” Thank you, @pausob, @Pettersson, @BFausto, and @rburgess-2 for contributing to this thread.


2. Creo: A discussion started in 2015 by @rmyersHow to make scroll wheel zoom work in Windows 10 with Creo Parametric” received top views this September. Since initial creation 37 replies by have made this a lively discussion! @TA_8997531, your reply clinched this thread’s position as a 2020 Noteworthy Community Post!

Shout out to the contributors of the thread! @Nick47501 @Sri_hari @ptc-6164634 @AugustJ @amohammed @mgoldman @ParagVichare @mconforti @PeterSach @oabogunrm @bsantos @tnguyen-5 @athigale @msiviero @mkalkwarf @mpetrovich @vtonarevski @PauldeRidder @Dom_CHENTRE @nneves-2 @markbiasotti @ptc-3681108 @dblaess @ptc-907793 @rkumar-6 @ptc-6714120 @paswal @RonSt.Pierre @ykim-3 @jdomingues @tbrotherhood @MarcoBertozzi @diambertini @jklhofer


So many “Top” ThingWorx Posts in September…here are a few!

ThingWorx: The subect of “Grid columns” made the top of our list with a discussion started by @Suraj2692 “How to add checkbox in the grid column to pass multiple row data to the one service” and @RM12 “How to add link in grid advanced.”


3. ThingWorx:


4. ThingWorx:


5. ThingWorx: @MayankSharma20 and @nmilleson started a lively discussion “How to develop ‘drag and drop’ functionality in ThingWorx as Extension widget in Mashup.”

6. Vuforia: @TM_9260611 received support when ”Play and previous buttons were not working”


7. Vuforia: @RyanAnderson posted about …”Hide (ing) Model Item with Visible Property”

8. Windchill: @HJ1 energized the thread created by by @RenatShaimardan in 2017
"Create PDF from office files without Adobe LiveCycle (Generic Worker)" post

Thank you contributors to this thread! @daraki @rpike @BjoernRueegg @MikeLockwood @gcevallos @TomU @BrianToussaint @IrynaBykovskaya


9. Windchill: @lchavarria received an answer for "How to size a Windchill Server?"

Thank you, @GauravAmrutkar @BenLoosli @STEVEG @TomU for contributing to the thread!

10. Windchill: Great conversation about "How to track and manage changes to the Windchill installation" with @TomU @ AndyHermanson @MikeLockwood @jvonzastrow1 @fivig @bcedar @RandyJones


11. Arbortext: @TrevonN got help with "Numbers and bullets greyed out (in Arbrotext)"


12. Arbortext: @PV_955396 asked about "Hide element, ElementDisplay, code"


13. FlexPLM: @franfaure started a conversation about “Building product while working remotely”


14. Windchill SSE: @omkarkarve opened up a question about “How to export requirements document to ReqIF format”  There are a lot of views but an accepted solution is still needed.


15. Mathcad: Wonderful interaction of community members on the “Mathcad Prime 7 bookmaker” posted by @ValeryOchkov


16. Mathcad: @ptc-3682623 was looking for a  “Better Match of Results”
And @LucMeekes provided an Accepted Solution!



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