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5 Button Mouse


5 Button Mouse


Need recommendation for new 5 button mouse. Users here have used Logitech

MX310's for years but they are beginning to fail and are no longer offered for sale

from Logitech. Otherwise, if anyone knows where we could purchase the MX310

that would also work.


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The M510 is pretty good. The battery lasts for ever. I have at least 2
years on the same batteries and I click all day long. I don't know what
they claim these days in battery life but these are 2 duracells and 2 years
on them already. It came with some cheap ones that I then replaced after
one year of use. Its wireless and the usb dongle can receive from any
logitec device paired with it. Its nice.

We mostly use the Logitech MX600 Cordless Laser Mouse.


Works rather well as one can personalize the button and wheel scroll functions. (I have my wheel set to select the Layout, Table & Annotate tabs in Creo/Pro-E sessions)
I also find the ergonomic shape to fit my hand quite well. Better than any other mouse I've used.


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IMHO, Personally the Logitech Set point driver is a bit lacking.

I switched to RAZER Products for the high end DPI and built in memory.

Once you program your Razer mouse it stays with the mouse.

So use it on your desktop, use it with your laptop, a new PC settings are done no software needed, unlike a Logitech.

I save 4 profiles on the mouse so when I’m Modeling I use 1000 DPI, Detailing 4000 Dpi, gaming secret setting 😉

Not to mention when you couple the mouse with a high tech surface like the Razer Destructor, your desk will be on fire!

Happy Shopping

Jeff Lippeth ▪ Mold Design Engineer▪ NyproMold▪ P 847.855.2226

My users and I really like the mouse.

Me too, I'm on my second one. 5 buttons plus the wheel button.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Another Evoluent user here - my pinky was getting numb and within two weeks
of switching to the vertical mouse, my hand was back to normal. I recently
upgraded to the VM4 wireless and I love it.

Spin/pan/zoom w/ one hand (crtl and shft assigned to buttons)


A side benefit of the vertical mouse is folks come to your desk and try to take the mouse to control Pro/E and immediately don't know what to do with 'that thing' and give it right back to you. 😄

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Logitech M570. Ball, scroll wheel, left button, wheel button, right
button, front button, and back button. Wireless.
Like pets, some will like it better than others will. This one is only
right handed. Logitech hasn't got a left hand version of it.

Set acceleration sensitivity to max and I can creep for fine adjustment
while a quick flick zips it across the screen.

I got it for a laptop and I think precision is better than a mouse but
without the need to lift and slide to relocate the mouse.

I'm not sure how long the ball support will function, but it's been six
months and it's still good.

Dave S.

I looked into trying one of these VMice before, but never did try. It looks
like a good solution for hand cramping issues. Are they heavy compared to
normal ones?

Hey I think we shoud have an open source competition to come up with a new
mouse concept. By users for the users. Then we can get into the crowd
sourcing business. We send the design to china like everyone and their
grandma have done and get our selves something cool that no one else has.

Just an idea.



On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 2:23 PM, Doug Schaefer <-<br/>> wrote:

> A side benefit of the vertical mouse is folks come to your desk and try
> to take the mouse to control Pro/E and immediately don't know what to do
> with 'that thing' and give it right back to you. :-D****
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> *Doug Schaefer* | Senior Project Engineer
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> *From:* Nathan Rollins [
> *Sent:* Thursday, February 07, 2013 3:42 PM
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> *Subject:* [proecad] - RE: 5 Button Mouse****
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> My users and I really like the

Evoluent VM's are not a lot heavier - if at all. I also have a Logitech G5

I really like mine, as I said I'm on my second one. The V3 I had before simply wore out on the bottom edge from the tilt-slide that Nathan was talking about. The V4 has a more robust design in this area, although it is showing signs of wear here too.

My wife had one for a time (a V2, I believe) and it really helped her carpel tunnel. I had some tennis elbow that I thought was mouse related and it seems to have helped that. It is odd at first, but it doesn't really take much time at all to get used to it.

I have no reservations recommending it.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I use the Logitech G9x. It is a gaming mouse, but it is awesome. Adjustable speed, 5-button, with a wheel that can tilt to make for more choices. It can be weighted. Not cheap, at around $80, but it is very nice.


Anyone have experience with the DXT mouse?

Remember long ago when you were using Wildfire 4 and you had to create an icon or button. I found it extremely difficult to draw a straight line of pixels. I assumed it was because I start my day with a pot of coffee and my shaking hands made drawing straight lines difficult but now I wonder if the mouse was to blame. Does that make sense? Would DPI settings on the mouse control that type of accuracy? If so, is the RAZER the best choice because you can select the accuracy (DPI)? My group has been using the Mx700 for many years with minimal problems on a couple of the batteries.


Evoluent VM4 has a DPI setting with buttons on the mouse to switch between Hi Med and Lo…

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