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64 bit machine


64 bit machine

Dear All,

We are experiencing very long regeneration times on our 32 bit WF3.0
M160 machines. Our parts contain lots of minute detail on a large model
running to several thousand features. We have 64 bit capabilities and
are considering changing to this. Does anyone out there have any pros
and cons they can share with us - notably if there was faster
regeneration, did it cause problems with other software and was the
changeover smooth or otherwise. Any information would be gratefully

Richard A. Black

Lead Engineer

Eaton Corporation

440 Murray Hill Road

Southern Pines

NC 28387 USA

tel: 910 695 2905

fax: 910 277 3700


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I have been running 64 bit for about 1.5 years and have not had any problems at all. Pro’s are that larger files like proe and FEA or CFD all run better and faster on 64 bit with more ram 8-12Gig is good. Some files in CFD would only run on 64 bit as the memory was needed or it would just crash. I did not have any issues with software compatibility with the exception of a free PDM package that only works in 32 bit due to some services that are needed. Win 7 is even more rock solid than XP was and Vista was OK but never felt as smooth running as the other two.

Ron Rich





I am looking at moving to 64 bit also. My local support house recommended Vista over XP or W7. I'm putting WF5.0 on it and am going to run some problems we are solving in Ansys. I heard Mechanica 5 (4?) is rewritten and much better than 2.0.
We'll see.

WOW??? Someone "recommended" Vista over W7??? I haven't heard
anything even remotely "good" about vista... Wasn't there a bunch of
problems with running Pro/E on Vista? I would be pretty cautious of
that "recommendation"... just my opinion...


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326

23-Emerald II

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There is nothing wrong with Vista. It had some bad rap because it was different.
As long as you stay away from any MS Home editions, you will be a lot better.
I have very little problems with Vista Ultimate on my laptop.