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9.1 yields 10 fold dependency increase


9.1 yields 10 fold dependency increase

After migrating to 9.1, when we check in some assemblies, the
dependencies list increases dramatically. (never notice this in our
testing) The assembly we discovered this on went form 1463 objects to
16,627 objects. Our dependecy gathering is All depenencies, all drw,
all generic, all instance. (YES we need all these for configuration-
so please dont tell me otherwise).

The assembly is automated and configurable. It is a subcomponent and
much larger automated and configurable assemblies. The dependencies
seem to look both ways. Not only does it include everything required as
it should, but also looks up the at its parents, and then grabs
everything there too. PTC has "Kinda" said the dependencies for all are
different now.

The resultant problem is that our workspaces end containing 23,000
objects, and then we have all kinds of issues from crashing, WC not
linking, ect.

Has anyone seen the large dependency increase? I realize most peoples
are not setup using full automation and pro-programming and this is
where you would see the issue.

Mark Steffke
Engineering System Administrator
The Delfield Company
Manitowoc Foodservice
T 989.775.9215 or 989.773.7981, ext 12484
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