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A very bad beginning


A very bad beginning


I just installed the 30 days trial version.

I launch the programm :

- first msg "Adobe Flash player has to be installed to see the content"

- if I try to launch the install from creo 2.0 : another pop-up : problem of connection.

Then, impossible to close the task, even with the Windows task manager !!!!!

I shut down the PC, re-launch it, go to the adobe site, DL the last version, and of of course, same msg with creo 2.0 !!!!!

"Adobe Flash player has to be installed to see the content"

Very bad introducing with this program

Tx a lot for any help / advice.

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Stick with it. It does get better.

This is pretty much the same experience even us seasoned users end up with. In many ways it is sad but with a purchased license or maintenance, we do get prompt service. And when service is not fast enough, we have the forum

I would certainly have a conversation with PTC, or the VAR about when your 30 day trial starts. It really is not fair when you spend 2 weeks getting a program going while the clock is ticking. 30 days really is not long enough to evaluate Creo. I had it for almost 2 months and I only scratched the surface even though I was on it every day. I am also a seasoned user from almost a decade back.

You might try to re-install the software if you continue to have trouble. You have to remove all instances of Creo in the Windows Uninstall routine but you should be able to leave the license manager. Remember that you need an install folder and an install location if you want something other than default.

I am on an approved laptop and so far, the only problems I've had with 4 installs (Creo 1.0, Creo 2.0 F001, M010, and M020) were pretty much user error (or user ignorance)... where I failed to follow a few steps that required customer service intervention. Often times, these "oversights" are not clearly noted in the install process or were simply omitted to public knowledge. Indeed, it could be -much more- user friendly.

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