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Customize Screen Menu Option - Missing...


Customize Screen Menu Option - Missing...


If I use my file that I have been using for some time now, the option 'Customize Screen' is missing from the 'Tools' menu.

If I rename my to, so that Pro/E does not read it, the option reappears in the menu.

Naturally, I would like to use the that I have set up to my liking over the years, but I would still like to have the 'Customize Screen' option.

What have I done wrong this time?

How do I set my file to enable/disable certain menu picks?


I know I could just set my screen up the way I like it and save a new, but:

1. It will take me ages to get the whole thing back the way I like it,


2. I would like to know how I did this, so that I can avoid doing it again.


I am using Wildfire 2, M220






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Hi John,

If you need to change your custom screen for ProE – you can select RMB (Right Mouse Button) and select Commands...


– it is same option like Tools >> Customize Screen in ProE


Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy
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