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Best Laptop to run Pro-E in China


Best Laptop to run Pro-E in China

Gurus, what should I tell my guy in China to purchase for a laptop to run
Pro-E. I'm assuming we would want to stick to Windows XP and would need the
best graphics available (don't know much about ability to add specific
graphics cards to laptops).

I appreciate your help in this matter.

P.S. I've decided to let them purchase their license over there so they have
local support.

Mike Johnson

Senior CAD Designer

Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction



5-Regular Member

I like my Dell Precision M65 but it is pretty old...

Michael R. Jenkins P.E.
Design Engineer
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Kansas City, MO 64153-1215

If you really want to be safe, stick with hardware on PTC's compatibility list. You'll find that in the area. It usually includes the big players like Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo. I've noticed that they tend to support Windows the most (Solaris is the only other OS supported in the WF5). Additionally, they tend to stick to only ATI and nVidia for graphics hardware. This doesn't mean that other systems won't work, but these are certified and supported by PTC so you should "less" issues.

If you're running large assemblies get a lot of RAM, but remember that Windows 32-bit only supports ~4GB total system memory, so you'll need to run a 64-bit OS if you want more than 4GB.

We've been running Dells for quite some time. The current Dell M4400 seem to be a good deal faster (using SPEC benchmark) than the Dell M65/M4300 series.

Willy Chung
SurfaceInk Corporation - Boston

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