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Best Practices Document


Best Practices Document


I have been tasked with creating a "best" practices document that shows an engineer how best to start and finish a simulation project.

It will contain:

- How to layout you simulation

- Things to look out for

- Saving files (Results and How to show results)

- Saving Models (Online / Offline)

- Naming conventions (From Loads to Constraints to Simulations)

Has anyone got an tips , a document they can point me to that exists, just general help.

Not looking for someone to do the document for me obviously but thought this would be a great place to start will something.



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Re: Best Practices Document

Hello Chris,

Some time ago, in watchmaking, it had been done "methodologies" so that everyone can make
the pieces in the same way and when cases of modification by another person she finds the design method.

But this concernais not the simulation but only the creation part or Assembly.

Kind regards.