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Borrow Simulate?


Borrow Simulate?

I've just been testing this on a VM not a real laptop, but I think it should perform the same. I'm confused.

I ran C:\ptc\Creo 2.0\Simulate\bin\simulate_borrow.bat.
I borrowed the license for 1 day, and then I looked at ptcstatus:
PROE_AdvSE 3 7
^(dave@xxxxx) PROE_AdvSE
PROE_Flex3C 2 18
(duffy@xxxxxx) PROE_Flex3C
(santos@xxxxxxx) PROE_Flex3C
(designers@) PROE_Flex3C
MECBASICENG_License 0 22
MECBASICUI_License 0 22

This shows that I borrowed the Creo Parametric License PROE_AdvSE, But MECBASICENG & MECBASICUI show no licenses borrowed.

Shouldn't I see one of them borrowed. Also how do I borrow a parametric, simulate and mathcad license at the same time?

When I configure licenses, I don't see a way to add simulate to a license configuration I would pick when I borrow the license.


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 same problem here.. I think it is because it is a floating extension.

You CAN borrow the CREOSIM_STANDARD as you described

1. initiate a borrow of creo (parametric_borrow.bat), set the day's and click ok; Creo will be started

2. start a simulation and run an analyses

3. during run unplug network connection and/or disable wifi (make sure connection to license server is lost)

4. stop Creo

5. run ptcstatus.bat to check if the licenses are indeed borrowed


you can early return with by creating a .bat file and running it. Content should be following;


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