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Borrowing licenses


Borrowing licenses

Hi all,

I have a few questions with regard to borrowing licenses.

1. Is it ProjectLink that facilitates the borrowing of Pro/E licenses? If so, does ProjectLink reside on the Server, remote tube or both?

2. Is Projectlink a separate module / cost center item?

3. Are timeouts customizable? I.E. duration based on user, license type pulled etc...



Borrowing is based on the ProE license you install. PTC sends you a standard non-borrowing license and a license capable of borrowing. You have to use the one that allows borrowing.

You need to set up a shortcut for license borrowing and place it on your desktop. As you can see from the attached pic, I changed the icon and named the shortcut Borrow.

You also need to set an environment variable to allow you to set the borrow duration to 15 days.
LM_BORROW_DURATION 15 as shown in the attached pic.

You set the number of days when you borrow. You can't return the license early.

Projectlink has nothing to do with borrowing. Nothing what so ever.

David Haigh

The borrow is done thru Pro/e. You run ptcstetup and create an
additional licence configuration (other than the default of proe1. You
only have to do this once (the first time) Then in your loadpoiint you
run proe_borrow, you select the configuation you just made then select
how long you want it. You cant put it back early. Suggested how to
technique from ptc is ser10403.

Project link is a seperate cost module.

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