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Can't get creo parametric 2.0 30 day trial to download.


Can't get creo parametric 2.0 30 day trial to download.

I have been trying to download the 30 day trial of creo parametric 2.0 but the download process keeps failing. Two of the three portions load. The third portion (creo common files) fails at 65% every time. I have tried at least 7 times. At one point I uninstalled all the files before trying again. I am running windows 7 professional. There is plenty of memory available.


Does anyone have an ideas? I got a call from a sales person and I told her the problem I was having. She said she would ask someone to call but I am not holding my breath.

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Dale - sorry you're having problems downloading the trial.

Suggest you try the download again but first delete any licenses and components that may have downloaded previously.

Please follow the uninstall steps in section # 2 in this document.

Let us know if there are still problems.



Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled everything, removed the license file, and restarted the installation. Unfortunately I got the same problem.

Also, so far I have gotten three separate emails with license files attached. I am confused about what I am supposed to do with these since it seems like the installation assistant gets the license automatically. Could this be part of the problem?




in the past user was able to order install DVD of 30 days trial. This is the best way how to solve your problem. Unfortunatelly it seems to me that now there is no chance to get such DVD for Creo 2.0 .

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

Is this first installation Trial on this computer? If I remember, is no possible install additional Trial if there was previous version.

For Trial you can used original DVD and start setup-trial.exe

Software consultant.

This is the first time with the trial. I don't have a DVD to use; the only option seems to be to download.

If it was an issue with the license, previous version, etc. it seems like it should check that before the download begins. Instead it happens after the download is 65% complete. Also, it won't let me restart that portion of the download.

For original DVD, pls contact your local PTC reseller.

Software consultant.

I wonder if the problem has to do with the fact that I cannot completely uninstall the partial download. When I try to uninstall all I see is the quality agent in the list of programs. I have to manually delete the others files I find along with the license file.

However, I am now finished. I cannot try any more since I get a message that says "YOU HAVE REACHED THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF LICENSE REQUESTS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR PRODUCT TYPE".

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