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Component Operations


Component Operations

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to use the MERGE and CUT OUT functions under Component Operations. However they are greyed out. Is there a config setting that needs to be set or some specific order of selecting parts in the assembly?

Thanks for the help.

Justin Giaquinto


Boulder CO

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I think you need the Advanced Assembly license to do these operations. Do you have this license pack?


Did we already address this?

We use Merge and Cutout daily and we do not have "Advanced Assembly Extension".

This is a core funtion and should be available to you. When you select "Component Operations", you should see the old Pre-Wildfire Menu Manager with both options listed among others. I have never seen these greyed out.

Do you have a screen capture?


They won't work in a simplified rep.

I don't think a simplified rep will grey the commands out. Check and make sure there are no failed models in the assembly

and that you have a 'green' light on the bottom......... Still thinking!


We have had Pro/E thru WF4 without the AAX and have always had this
functionality. I'm not sure if that changed or not with Creo.


There are no Simp Reps in the assembly, no failed components, and everything had been regenerated.

Here's a screen shot of it greyed out.

Actually I'm trying to cut out this clip shape frrom the bottom of the frame. So yea, there is interferance between the two parts. Smiley Happy

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Just throwing this out and it may have already been suggested – Have you tried resizing your pins so that there is a definite interference between the components to see if this “un-greys” the commands?

Just a thought.

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