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We've recently switched to WF 5, M040. We've been having some issues with items in our disappearing and menus doing funny things for no rhyme or reason.

We have a fairly involved file that we've been using for a long time (many versions). That includes many custom icons, which I'm not really fond about having to totally redo. I've seen before that others have suggested that you should completely start over with when moving from version to version, which I've never done, or really had to do. I'm reconsidering that now, since we're having so many issues.

My question is: Does anyone have any insight that they can lend about starting over? Is there a trick that you've employed that makes it easier, or do you just get in there and brute force redo everything? I've tried the copying thing, and saving back out as a WF 5 file, and that didn't really seem to "clean" up the file, or make it better or any more stable.

Thoughts??? Suggestions??? Tricks???

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