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Convert Creo View Model to Creo Parametric


Convert Creo View Model to Creo Parametric

I have a Creo View model of an entire agriculture machine that I need to open in Creo Parametric in order assemble additional models for our technical publications department. The model opens in about a minute in Creo View but it runs for a few hours in Creo Parametric before crashing. It looks like Creo Parametric attempts to convert the files back to native format and this is why it is taking so long. I need to know if there is a faster/better way to open these models so that Creo Parametric doesn't die in the process?

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Try in the opposite direction.

Open the main assembly in Creo View.

Open the new model in Creo View and choose Add to Current Session. This will add it to the assembly that is already open.

I just tested and it's possible with both Creo View Standard and Creo View Lite (2.0 for what it's worth)

Unfortunately, in both cases it looks like PTC didn't want to give non-CAD users the ability to constrain pieces together. This means positioning it by eye with the translate function. Could be fine for a technical publication.

If not, try Steven's suggestion or just tell them you need a more powerful workstation.

Where do you see the "Add to Current Session" option.

In the Windchill interface.

Search for your main assembly.

Open in Creo View

Go back to Windchill

Search for your second assembly/part

Open in Creo View

In the pop up window that opens: Add to Current Session

I don't have Windchill and I don't see a way to open more than one model at a time in Creo View.

That might cause a problem with my proposed solution. Let me get back to you on that one.

Alright, try this. I'm assuming you just have the Creo files and don't have any Creo View files of these assemblies. If you already have .PVZ files, skip to step 5.

1. Open the main assembly in Creo View.

2. File > Save As > Save All as PVZ.

3. Open the 2nd assembly in Creo View.

4. File > Save As > Save All as PVZ.

5. File > Open.

6. Choose both .PVZ files at the same time.

7. Enter a new name into the prompt.

8. New PVZ file will be created containing all files chosen in step 6.

9. File > Save All

ETA: It may take awhile to be able to display all components. I did it with this simple cabinet drawer base and couldn't display the components for ~20-30 seconds.

Selecting two models opens two separate windows, but there was no prompt and I don't see any options for combining them. Maybe this is a plugin that is part of Windchill?

I tested without Windchill when I did the presented solution. Perhaps check around in the Creo View options to see if there is something forcing it to open two windows for two models.

I don't see any options in Creo View to control that.

Well, thanks for trying to help me out!

Open a tech support ticket and tell them you can't 'Add to Current Session' and have it put the two models together. While I'm sure there will be a lot of confusion as to what's happening, they'll eventually give you a more concrete answer than I am able to regarding this missing functionality.

Unfortunately that isn't an option. We are required to open all support tickets through our head office overseas and they aren't interested in fixing this issue.


They want you to do this work but don't want to provide a solution so you can do the work? Sounds... bureaucratic.

Creo view model cannot fully be converted to creo parametric as no model tree information will be retained. Only Imported geometry

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