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Creating a drawing that automatically uses the model filename


Creating a drawing that automatically uses the model filename

Hi Folks,
Well I have to say that trolling through Help was not very helpful.
Searching on Forums and Planet PTC did not throw up much either.

As I understand things if I make a new drawing this uses (by default) the
model (part or assembly) and this model is used and this will show up down
the bottom of the open drawing window once that is open. This has been true
as far back in ProE as I can remember.

So the real question is why* does the filename of the the drawing not
default to the model name that already exists? For me it defaults to
drw0001 (or the next available number). Seems like there should be a config
option for something this simple.

*(when I start the process of making a drawing with a model in session and
which is live when I start)

I have looked at the config setting rename_drawings_with_object and the yes
option is useful for copying and renaming the like but not, it seems, for
new drawings. I guess we could use a simple default part name and drawing
name then use rename to update it but this seems pretty clunky.

I have seen some posts to have your template part name and template drawing
name the same and this may work however it does not seem practical when we
have a number of drawing templates that call up different formats.

Be interested if anybody knows actual ProE functionality that handles this
or some other very simple method.

Not using any PDM (yet)

Regards, Brent Drysdale
Senior Mechanical Designer
Tait Radio Communications
New Zealand
DDI +64 3 358 1093

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I don't think there is any Pro/E functionality for this. The closest is
using that config option and having a drawing in your start part folder
with your start part with the same name. That will bring a drawing in
with each new part, but it doesn't accommodate multiple formats or
templates, as you said.

Here's the process I use:

1. In the part or assy that you're making a drawing for, hit File
-> rename
2. Hit Ctrl-C to copy the file name (it should already be
3. Click cancel in the rename dialog
4. Click File -> New
5. Hit Ctrl-V to paste the file name in the dialog

It's not as cumbersome as it sounds, but it's still a workaround.
Unfortunately, you can't create a mapkey for this very effectively
because Pro/E doesn't record the copy/paste as commands, rather it
records nothing on the copy and as if you had manually entered the text
for the paste.

A check box in the 'New' dialog and a config option to control if it's
checked or not by default would be perfect.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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