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Creo 2.0-m010 available


Creo 2.0-m010 available

I noticed today that m010 is available. Unfortunately the update adviser currently doesn't have a listing of what's fixed in m010.

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Yes, I saw it yesterday and downloaded it. Now I can not uninstall creo2 f000 - getting ERROR, unable to run the uninstaller. Anybody run in to this?

F000 was not able to be uninstalled you have to delete the folders. This was why they released a F001 date code.

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Actually, there is a very simply procedure that will allow you to uninstall it. See

Thanks Tom

When I click on the link that Tom provided I get Error: this article does not exist?


I received the same error as you but once I logged into the knowledgebase and did a CREO search (keyword: uninstall), the very first result is that document.And looking at it's URL, it's identical towhat Tom has provided. Strange...

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Here's the contents of the article.


Unable to uninstall Creo Parametric 2.0


* Unable to uninstall Creo 2.0 F000
* Error "Error" when uninstalling Creo Parametric 2.0 F000
* Error "Unable to run uninstaller" when trying to uninstall Creo 2.0 F000

Applies To

Creo 2.0 (All Applications)


* Insufficient permissions to run uninstall.exe


* Reported to R&D as SPR 2123373
* Corrected in Creo 2.0 F001
* Workaround for Creo 2.0 F000:
1. If the uninstall fails, delete the file pimuninstall.exe from your <user temp="> directory. To resolve the issue before running the uninstall skip this step.
* For Windows Vista or Windows 7 the path to <user temp="> is C:\Users\<user login=" name=">\AppData\Local\Temp
* For Windows XP the path is C:\Documents and Settings\<user name=">\Local Settings\Temp (or just enter %temp% in the Windows Explorer address area for any OS)
2. Browse to the Bin directory in each installed product in the <creo 2.0=" install=" directory="> (e.g. C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\Bin)
3. Highlight (single mouse click) uninstall.exe
4. Press Right Mouse Button,select Properties from drop down menu
5. Select General tab
6. Deselect (uncheck) Read Only Attribute.
7. Select OK to close Properties dialog box
* The Read Only Attribute must be turned off for every installed Creo 2.0 product to be uninstalled (eg: Direct, Layout, Parametric, Simulate)
1. Rerun Uninstall program from Control Panel.

I just used the on-line install for Creo 2.0 M010 and it took hours. I actually left home and found it finished this morning so I don't know how many hours it took. I do know that it was running/installing for at least 4 hours before I left.

I wonder why this is sooooooo slow.

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