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Quadro 5000 VS Quadro FX3800 (4000) - Update

23-Emerald II

Quadro 5000 VS Quadro FX3800 (4000) - Update

I have some updates on the benchmark since last time:

Original benchmark was Quadro 4000 (instead of the FX3800 like I first thought) Vs Quadro 5000 and I also was able to test against a Quadro 2000
Testing was on WF 4.
And with a SSD drive
XEON 3.2 ghz
8 gig ram
Win 7 enterprise 64 bit

My IT guy ended up rebuilding the machine and he installed the latest chipset driver and that was what brought performance back.

We are still disappointed in that the video card upgrade does little to nothing for performance on WF 4. I do know that others (including PTC and Nvidia) have said that there will be a performance boost at Creo 2.0. We have NO plans to upgrade anytime soon (based on our current corporate plans).

According to my benchmarking on a single computer with no other differences besides video card, I only get a 60 second swing between cards which equates to approximately 2% of the total time so it pretty much inconsequential.

So for the Quadro 2000 which is the base level card for the workstation we are ordering VS. the 4000 (~$700) VS. the 5000 (~$1500) it's hard to justify the expense for the hope of future improvements.

All that being said, when you add up the performance benefits of our previously ordered HP Z600's versus the new Z400 we just got, we show a 10% improvement due to the SSD and the CPU speeds of the processor. The newest Z420 should get us additional benefits of a faster processor that will hopefully translate in to some improved performance also.

My overall impression of the latest Nvidia cards was really a letdown. I understand that you have to keep up with technology to get all the benefits but I still expect to get some benefit out of the much higher specs on the top of the line cards.

My recommendation to my boss and IT will be to order the Quadro 4000 with the hope that we will get some benefit out of it in the future (justifiable for $700). I have a hard time justifying $1500-$1700 on hope of future performance.

Future machine order specs:
HP Z420
Xeon 3.6
12-16 Gb ram
Quadro 4000
SSD drive

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Steve, check out this comparison as a reference the full story

I don't know how biased it is since it's a report from AMD but still interesting to see that even for Creo 2.0 Q2000 shows equal or better performance than Q4000.

5-Regular Member

This is an interesting thread. I tested 4 different cards on 2 different workstations with Creo 2.0 and the OCUS 64-bit benchmark. I found almost no difference between the Quadro 600, 1800 and 4000 cards. I found the Quadro 3450 to be slower than the aforementioned. I was surprised considering the price range of the 600, 1800 and 4000 cards.

While I don’t think you can directly compare the OCUS benchmark with Wildfire 4.0 to Creo 2.0, I did find interesting differences. (We just migrated from Wildfire 4.0 to Creo 2.0)

I ran the Wildfire 4.0 benchmark on 2 machines; an “old” one and a “newer” one. I found the new machines ran the OCUS benchmark with Wildfire 4.0 about 50% faster than the old machines. I found the new machines ran the OCUS benchmark with Creo 2.0 about 100% faster than the old machines.

I saw about a 35% increase in speed on the old machines by swapping their 3450 cards for either the 600, 1800 or 4000 series cards. Indecently the new machines slowed down when I tried them with a 3450 card.

My conclusion is that the older/lower end cards don’t work so well with Creo 2.0, however the higher end cards are too high end and Creo doesn’t take advantage of them.

When we went live with Creo 2.0, the users with the 3450 cards started complaining....hence my benchmarking, so we’ve been upgrading those cards.

-Dave Engel

23-Emerald II

Thanks for that insight Dave. We have no real plans on moving to CREO 1 or 2 yet. We now have a bunch of users with Quadro FX4800 that we upgraded to about 2 years ago. If we do make the move in the near future, I will know what to expect.

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