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Creo 2 Graphic Driver Issuesua


Creo 2 Graphic Driver Issuesua

Wondering if any of you have found a successful graphics driver for Creo 2, and a Dell T5400 with Nvidia Quadro FX 4800?

We have quite a number of these machines, and it appears this combination has never been on the supported list, let alone the certified list.

Worked Fine in Wildfire 4, not so good in Creo 2.

David Haigh
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Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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I'm curious what issues you're having? I have a Dell T5500 with an Nvidia FX3800 card (driver 270.90) and I get a number of anomalies in Creo2 (M040, but happened with M020 & M030 as well).

* Lots of ghost 'hidden parent' windows
* Creo sometimes doesn't minimize properly, only a single window minimizes when all should. Doesn't behave like WF4 or WF5.
* Sometimes when minimized I'm left with a grey screen instead of the desktop.
* Sometimes if Creo 2 is minimized and I select one of the 'hidden parent' windows to bring it back it will disappear from the task bar and task manager though xtop.exe and parametric.exe are still running. I then have to kill the processes and restart Creo 2.
* If an auxiliary window goes behind the main window mapkey dialog, for example) it is very difficult to get it back. The RMB 'lower' command on the top bar of the Creo window has no effect.

I have not experimented with alternate drivers yet, but I suspect that the driver is part of the problem.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Hi Dave,

I have been chasing a similar issue for HP Z800 workstations with little to mixed results. To the extent it is relevent, the HP Performance Advisor indicates n/vidia driver 306.68 has been certified for Win7/64, FX4800 and Creo2 as sp60338.exe. (see attached screenshot) Just prior to encountering this today I had installed their latest driver, 311.35 but I do not have much feedback yet.

HP link is:


Dell link is:

Good Luck.

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