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Creo 2 and PDMLink 10.1


Creo 2 and PDMLink 10.1


Every time I launch Creo 2 M020 from the icon, sign into Windchill through
the embedded browser, and then go to File, Manage Session, Server
Management in Creo 2.0, my Server list is all set as Offline.

A RMB and unselect Work Offline fixes it, but I have to do it each time I
launch Creo 2.

Is this the expected behavior?

Lance J Lie
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No, mine acts a little differently. On most of my workstations, every time my users open Creo 2, they get an error saying that the server is unavailable and is offline. However, when you go to the Server Manager, it shows it is online. I thought this was expected behavior.

Brian Toussaint
CAD Administrator

Hoshizaki America, Inc.
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The scenarios for login changes over time and is often related to corrupted cache files.
First indication I get is when Creo stops asking for login on launch, but waits until the first command needs access to the workspace. The last strange behavior i had asked for login twice to the same server with the dialogs stacked upon each other launch.
Upload all data and remove the local cache will reset the behavior for a while in most cases.


Hi folks

Interesting to hear others have the same issue: we've seen this on a number of computers, the typical fix is to clear the local cache - I have a script for that now... but sometimes it happens more than once, would be interested to know what causes it. Had a case with PTC Tech support about it, but they didn't really give a reason. We have exit logger running now, perhaps that will uncover something.

Edwin Muirhead

We're at about the same point here Edwin. I have on my list of tasks writing some scripts that do different stages of cleanup. Some things are fixed just be clearing the browser cache (and sometimes just history), others by clearing the java cache, others by clearing the server registry info, and finally of course clearing the local WC cache. I'm thinking of making some of this cleanup part of the standard startup script.

Daniel Reid
CAD Project Engineer
Kenworth Truck Company
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