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Creo 4.0 Problem with installation


Creo 4.0 Problem with installation

I installed the student creo version, but when I click on the program nothing happens. The computer respects the minimum characteristics so that's not the problem. How can I do?


Should just work.  If it was purely license issues, you should at least see Creo begin loading.


Subpar graphics is probably the number one reason for load failures (gleaned).


Anything being reported in your Event Logs?

where i can find event logs? 

okok i have found it, it had been reported an application error

If you dig into the logged event, does it provide any further details?


More information is definitely required. 

There is an email for the academic version support so you can report this.

You might need to search the forum for this or the PTC support site.



I can't provide any further details because nothing happens, i don't know what the problem could be...



try installation on different computer.

Martin Hanák

I don't know if you solved this yet, but here is a link to the PTC resources on academic support:


It has the support email and further links.

...and one other thing the link reminded me of; if you disable the quality agent, the academic version will not run.

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