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Creo Config File Issue

21-Topaz II

Creo Config File Issue

I noticed this week that PTC marked the SPR related to saving multiple
config files [1] resolved in Creo 2 M030, due later this month, which
was expected.

What wasn't expected is it's also marked as resolved in Creo 1 M050,
which has been out since the beginning of last month. I didn't think it
was going to be resolved in Creo 1 at all.

Since this was a bit of a deal breaker, or at least a source of
frustration, for many I thought I'd let folks know.

[1] -
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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I downloaded Creo 1.0-m050 and installed it so I could check the behavior of the config editor.

1. I can view specific config files

2. When I try to edit a specific config and save, it saves everything to the config file.

So in my opinion, it's not fixed properly. I don't know what TC dealt with PTC on this but I believe they didn't communicate clearly what is required. It's still broken.

What I did:
Open the config editor
Select from the pull down the config.sup

It now shows me only the config.sup. That is a big improvement!


I next pick the Add... button and the Find... button search for something and added it to the config.


So far, so good. Looking like I expect it to work.

I pick OK, the only button that looks like it will save my edit for me.
I get this message:

I believe the correct answer is Yes
In the save dialog, I had to browse to the loadpoint. And then it would not show me the existing config.sup so I had to type the name in manually.


I then go back to the config editor to look at the config.sup again and I see this:

My new option was at the end of the file.

David Haigh
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