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Creo Elements v19 won't load, stuck w/ vport


Creo Elements v19 won't load, stuck w/ vport

Hello All,


So I was opening a known valid .pkg file earlier this afternoon when instead of loading the file, the window below appeared. Despite my best efforts I cannot get anything to load here or do anything other than close this window.

SolidDesigner window w vport.png

I've checked with other Creo Element v19 users in my group and none are experiencing this issue. I've also tried uninstalling/reinstalling the software without any luck and making sure my Registry matches what other users have. Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, what causes it and how do we fix it? Thanks in advance for your help.


Good day Benjamin,

I am moving this to the Creo Community to give your question the most exposure.



This can happen if there is a crash or hiccup when creo shuts down, or if the computer is shut off before creo completely shuts down.

Creo writes files to the c:\users\[username[\apdata\Roaming\PTC\Creo Elements Direct Modeling 19.0\19.0  (or whatever version number you have).

Go to this directory and look at the files all_data.lsp. cfg_data.lsp  and sd_data.lsp.

These files should end with

;; ----------- end of file -----------

If not then these files did not close properly. Delete the files that did not close properly.  You may lose the position of some of the toolbars you placed, but that is about it. Creo then should start normally,

Uninstalling and reinstalling  the software will not fix this issue as it will not remove these files.  If you are still having problems, wipe out the entire directory  19.0 (or whatever version number you have) and start creo again.

Good luck!


Creo Element\Direct Modeling

Wiping out the directory beneath %APPDATA% is a good idea - to exclude that Modeling has a hiccup because of some corrupt settings.
If that doesn't help, try the following

-  unpack the .PKG File   (it is ZIP format).
- You should get files named "0", "1" .... etc.
- rename each file to to have extension .sd, e.g. ""

- Start Modeling

- Load the files "", "" etc. - one after the other

- NOTE: The PKG may contain a single file "0" - multiple files indicate that the PKG contains several top assemblies

Hope this helps

Max - Inventor of the SYSID

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