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Creo Parametric 1.0

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Creo Parametric 1.0

ProE users,

Has anyone rolled out the new Creo Parametric 1.0 software in there
company? Are you running XP machines, how much memory, how is the
performance? Any issues?



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I am just a one-man show, but I have been using Creo Parametric 1.0 for a few weeks now on an HP Windows 7 machine and its performed wonderful!

The only problem I have had is when my computer goes to sleep after not using it for a couple hours I lose the license and need to restart my machine to regain the license, but that's probably just on my end.

As far a performance, speed, graphics, etc. goes, I havent had any issues at all, but I don't do much large assembly work... mostly sheetmetal, and drawings for a local client. Otherwise, its just getting used to some new buttons, etc.



I have been using it for a little while now on Dell M6400 (quad core), 8Gb
RAM and FX3700 Graphics.

In general my experience has been good. The UI is both refreshing as well
as efficient. I have only done a small amount on the drawing side thus far
but it seems better then Creo Elements/Pro (WF5). To me assembly
performance seems similar to WF4/5. I am working a few fairly large
assemblies. Real time regeneration is very nice but while working with some
complex surfaces and rounds you will find that the time it takes to figure
out the "good" result you realize you want to change something. This is
strictly during feature definition. It appears to be one of those things I
am not sure I like. The light preview (for example complex rounds) was
fast. However, upon completion Pro would calculate the result if it could
and give you the geometry. Now with Creo it is doing this constantly. For
rounds, chamfers it can be painful waiting for a solution. Simple rounds
are fast.

Hope that helps,

Tim McLellan
Mobius Innovation and Development, Inc.

Hi all,

Looking for laptop specs to run WF 5/Creo 1 that will be able to open large assemblies (500+ mb) without any problems.
Any suggestions?


I have been running Creo 1.0 Parametric since I got back from Las Vegas.

I am testing it with a couple of other users to cover different type of projects. So far, we like the new UI and it's much easier to use overall. I have no issues with performance on Windows 7 Professional, 64bit. We are running Dell Precisions T3500's with Quad Core Xeon processors, 6GB of RAM and Nvidia Quadro 3800 graphics cards.

Although Creo 1.0 is not a finished product yet, I find it to be far better than anything PTC has made before it. The only thing that scares me is the presense of the "Menu Manager". PTC needs to kill this quickly or the perception will be that Creo is no different than Wildfire from a full UI Conversion stand point.

I personally feel that PTC should focus on getting rid of the "Menu Manager" in the entire UI and updating the 8-bit icons found in certain areas of the UI.

I think it's a step in the right direction for PTC, but they really need to focus on what made Wildfire such a mess. The big push on Creo is the Unified UI across the entire design suite, which falls short of the promise due to the "Menu Manager", which is old pre Pro/E 2001 code.

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