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Creo Parametric startup batch hanging


Creo Parametric startup batch hanging

My startup .bat file uses the below command to launch Creo Parametric 2.0.
My problem is the CMD window does not close once Creo starts.
Anyone have a fix?

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Do it like this:
start "xxx" "C:\ptc\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\parametric.exe"

Where xxx is anything you want to name the window.


I just tried your batch file, and it works fine for me. The cmd window
closes. I'm on Windows XP, so maybe it is different on Win7.

A possible fix may the to change the start line into
START "C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\parametric.exe"
That way the program is started in a new window, and your batch file
continues with the next statement instantly instead of waiting for the
program to start.

Another possible solution is to use a shortcut instead of your batch
file, since all you seem to be doing is changing startup directory and
starting Creo. You can set the startup dir in your shortcut properties.

Best regards,
Patrick Asselman

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You can also try using the "call" syntax to start proe. Pull up the help on call and start and you'll get the options for your Windows version. (i.e. "call /?" & "start /?"

Finally, if your batch doesn't start with the line:
setlocal EnableExtensions
then you are relying on system settings and may not be getting the environment you want.

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