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Looking for help with Job Manager.


Looking for help with Job Manager.

I'm trying to get Job Manager running so that I can utilize the unused cores on my computer and other computers on our network.

Here's what I've done so far:

  • opion nc_jobman_visible is set to yes
  • Close any open ProE processes
  • Stop nmsd.exe with Task Manager
  • Using Command Prompt, I ran dcadsetup.bat (in /bin). At first, I had two errors about two DLLs missing (icudt38.dll and icuuc38.dll), but I added them to the /bin folder (from /x86e_win64/obj)
  • Went to Control Panel>System>Advanced>Environment Variables and added a System Variable as follows: BNFS_START - C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 5.0\x86e_win64\nms\bnfsd.exe
  • Created a file (jobman_comps.dca) in the same directory as my and filled it with the names of the computers on the network
  • Run ProE
  • Create a sequence and select Submit Path>Now
  • When the Distributed Computing Host Selection window comes up, load jobman_comps.dca with "Open Server File"
  • Select the Host (in this case, my computer)
  • Send the job to the Job Manager by selecting OK

I am able to submit the job to Job Manager, but once there, it ultimately fails (error is "Unable to start Creo Elements/Pro on host"). It usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes. At first I thought it was the sequence itself, but even a simple drill sequence fails the same way.

Does anyone have experience getting Job Manager to work?

I'm running 5.0 build M080.

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I have been using it very rarely for about 2 years. Not that great of a feature for my application. It sounds like you have done all the necessary steps. I can make a video of how it works for me later today.

ok I remember now. Stopping the nmsd.exe is not enough, after a full system restart and before you start proe dcad needs to be called. I put this in my startup folder and its smooth sailing.

Thanks to Nick for all of his help.

He pointed out that Job Manager needs a free license to run. I only have one license of ProNC, so Job Manager fails because it can't find a free one.

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