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Creo Startup Script


Creo Startup Script

I finally got around to testing my startup script for Creo Parametric 1.0-m020

Previously it was noted that:

1. When you exit Creo a process is left running which prevents you from deleting the trail file. (will be fixed in m030)

2. When you save a config file from the config editor it saves all the options in session. So it might be nice to ensure that users are not overwriting your master configs, or messing up their personal configs.

3. That the loadpoint configs are now in a path with ship code in it. So you need to know the ship code in order to copy the configs to the correct location.

I finally got around to testing my startup script. The script below assumes the following:

1. The start in directory for Creo is:

2. Your loadpoint and user configs are staged here:



3. The cache file for PDMLink is here:

You will obviously want to change the paths if you intend to do this differently. This is set up for my own testing of Creo, hence everything is local. Typically the loadpoint configs would be on a server some place.

The Startup Script with Line numbers:

1. tskill creoagent

2. for /F "tokens=2 usebackq" %%A IN (`findstr "SHIPCODE" "c:\ptc\Creo 1.0\Parametric\uninstall\instlog.txt"`)DO set CREOVERSION=%%A

3. for /F "useback tokens=*" %%a IN ('%CREOVERSION%') DO set CREOVERSION=%%~a

4. xcopy "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\configs\loadpoint\*" "C:\ptc\Creo 1.0\Common Files\%CREOVERSION%\text" /y /r

5. xcopy "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\configs\user\*" "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home" /y /r

6. attrib +R "C:\ptc\Creo 1.0\Common Files\%CREOVERSION%\text\"

7. attrib +R "C:\ptc\Creo 1.0\Common Files\%CREOVERSION%\text\config.sup"

8. set PTC_WF_ROOT=%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\PDMLink_Cache\PTC\ProENGINEER

9. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.log*"

10. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.xml*"

11. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.inf*"

12. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.m_p*"

13. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.out*"

14. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.crc*"

15. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.usr*"

16. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.bom*"

17. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.tst*"

18. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.ger*"

19. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.err*"

20. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.lst*"

21. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.idx*"

22. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*.isl*"

23. del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\creo_1_home\*trail.*"

24. start "LLNL" "C:\ptc\Creo 1.0\Parametric\bin\parametric.exe"

Explanation of each line

1. Kill the process that PTC leaves hanging after an exit. Warning this may cause you grief if you intend on running multiple copies of Creo at the same time.

2. Figure out what the ship code is

3. Strip the double quote from the ship code

4. Copy the loadpoint configs into the loadpoint location

5. Copy the users into the startup directory

6. Make the loadpoint read only

7. Make the loadpoint config.sup read only

8. Set the cache location for PDMLink
9-23. Delete temp files

24. Startup Creo Parametric

David Haigh
Phone: 925-424-3931
Fax: 925-423-7496
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
7000 East Ave, L-362
Livermore, CA 94550

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