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Embedded browser tabs - adding a tab


Embedded browser tabs - adding a tab

Is it possible to add additional default tabs to the embedded browser in Pro?

When starting Pro, the embedded browser has two tabs by default. One tab defaults to the site unless redirected via the option "web_browser_homepage", the other tab is set to 3DModelspace. What I'd like to do is eliminate/replace the 3DModelspace with a different web site and add additional "default" tabs that will be available when starting Pro. So far, I haven't been able to find what is controlling the display of the tabs besides the one option.

I opened a call with PTC and they said the only configuration is via the one option.

Has anyone been able to modify/add to the tabs?

Daniel Nordin
BAE Systems, Intelligence & Security
Engineering Tools MCAE Support Group
Nashua, NH

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Creo 1.0 has the config option enable_3dmodelspace_browser_tab YES/NO.
Cannot help you on starting more tabs.

Best Regards,
Bjarne Frandsen

Good morning,

Perhaps the following prccedure helps (Wildfire 5 and later):

config option “web_browser_homepage” shows your favorite #1 in the first tab

config option “enable_3dmodelspace_browser_tab=no” does not show the
modelspace site

A mapkey or trail can be called to add more tabs to the embedded browser.
This works fine with Wildfire 5.

To start the mapkey or trail file: add the mapkey to a txt file and give
this as an argument to proe.exe or *.bat when starting Pro/E

Hope this helps.


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