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Creo thinks the server is off-line


Creo thinks the server is off-line

I have a user that suddenly today can't connect to our Windchill server using the Creo 2.0 imbedded browser. I've gone through all the configs, reinstalled Creo 2.0-m070, downgraded IE from 10 to 9. Nothing fixes the problem.

He can connect to the server via IE. No problems there.

I'm at a loss of what is causing this. He was working fine yesterday.

Opening a case with PTC, hoping someone here has a suggestion.

David Haigh
Phone: 925-424-3931
Fax: 925-423-7496
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
7000 East Ave, L-362
Livermore, CA 94550


Take a look at clearing the local cache. Should be .wf folder. If this is a laptop, issue may re-appear if disconnected while local workspace is communication with common space.

Hi David,

Check if the entry for Server IP address, hostname and domain in 'hosts' file on users machine is correct.

Best Regards,
~Amit Lonkar


On the Windchill side, are you running 9 in compatibility mode? That helps us.

We are having the same Issue (WC 9.1 - Creo 2.0 M060). But I’ve been attributing the offline condition to the result of a crashing issue we are experiencing. The server goes offline when Creo throws a turd. Perhaps it’s network related, a Timeout issue.

Good Luck,

Bob Lohbauer


The user this morning kept trying the server management window and suddenly got this error.

Fixing this in IE solved the problem. Still trying to find out what happened to the certificate.

From I.E
1. Go to Tools --> Internet Options -Advanced
2. Under the Secuirty category de-select "Check for server certificate revocation*" . This prevent any dialog popups that can be prompted due to this setting.

David Haigh
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