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Does WF5 really take advantage of Multiple Processors? Any tests that I can perform?


Does WF5 really take advantage of Multiple Processors? Any tests that I can perform?

Hell Colleagues,

I have been informed that WF5 will take advantage of multiple cores.

I have WF here, 64 bit XP and Win7, I have downloaded a couple of what I thought were decent muli-core perfomance monitors, but I cannot tell that WF5 is using more than one core?

Does anyone have any feedback on this?

Do you have any input on tests or tools I can use to evaluate the performance?


David T. Francis

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the config option cpus_to_use is by default set to 2. I haven't looked into it but I've heard that although this option is available in WF3 the functionality was not implemented until WF4


I'm using WF5 M060 on a DELL T5500 with 8 cores, 6Gb RAM, and Windows 7
Pro 64 bit

Pro-E only seems to be using 1-2 cores at most.

As a test:

The cpus_to_use option was not set on my machine.

I tried the cpus_to_use option set to 8

In either case, an electrode 'window finishing' CL path that ended up as
a 100K line NCL file would only show load on 1 cpu core on the Windows
task manager whether or not I set the cpus_to_use option. Nothing else
was running at the time. The load was 0% overall at the start and
barely got to 12% with one core shown pegged.

When setting the option, I exited pro-e and restarted, just to make sure
the option took hold.

In another thread we had talked about using 'Distributed Processing' to
do NCL files and use all of the cores on a local machine.

I am waiting for our IT dept to get this installed for test, but
according to the source on the thread, this will use all of the cores.

Check with PTC or your VAR, but I thought Pro-E only used multi-threads
/ cores/ etc... for FEA and NC machining. I don't use PTC FEA tools,
but I have never seen Pro-E cause usage on more than 1-2 cores on my
machine, even when running the OCUS 64 bit benchmarks. I'm only using
the taskmanager built in to Win 7 to monitor CPU activity.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

I think what ptc means by using multi processors in WF5 was explained to me
as only taking advantage when opening an assembly or other things that can
be broken into definite process paths. Writing IGES or saving an assembly.
then multi cores take over. This can be viewed in the task manager, when
showing the cores broken down. See pdf picture.


Creo Elements/Pro Advancer Render Extension using multi cores.
We try this on computer with 8 cores.
It was Wildfire 🐵

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