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Error loading database (Workmanager)


Error loading database (Workmanager)

This just started a day ago. We have been using this program and system for 5+ years with no problem. Error message that the engineers are getting when they try to start up the Model Manager. "could not connect to database server: (name of our server) The error code at the bottom of the detailed summary is. Error Messages = 10002 - ***ERROR: Failure in communication to server. As far as we know we have not made any changes other than Microsoft updates which we have backed out the latest ones, which did not fix this issue. Any help here? we do not have a service contract at this time.

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Is this happening to all users?

Type this into your internet broswers address field: "Model Manager Server Name":9898.

Replace "Model Manager Server Name" with the actual name of your server. (No double quotes)

Do you get a status page showing the database condition?

Well we get the server information. This page only stays active for about 30 sec then it bombs out.

( I removed IP from this image)


Have you checked the CoCreate services on the server and are they all started.

The symptom "Web page shown, then bombs out" means:

a) The Database Server (Service) is running and is reachable (=Network, IP, Port are correct *and* the Service is running)

b) Database Server is first sending the "General info", followed by "Database Info", but if the Database Server fails to connect to the Database,
    it will not send the complete Web Page - result is as described.

Since the Database Server Fails to connect to the Database, you are getting the 10002 - ***ERROR: Failure in communication to server

in any Client (Workmanager or Model Manager) that tries to connect.

As already discussed in this thread, the root cause of the problem is that your database is gone.

Did you make any progress with getting your database back?


Can you start the Model Manager client on the server itself? I remember a few years ago we had some network settings change and we had to change from using the ip address of the server to the name of the server (or maybe it was the other way around) on the Model Manager clients.

Virus scanner in the game?

If so, which one?

e.g. Kaspersky is one of the Virus scanners who monitor Network Traffic and

break the network connection if it "thinks" that it found a suspicious pattern.

I am writing this to give an update on our problem. First I would like to thank all who gave feed back. We are still not able to use Workmanager. It seems that our contract server support removed our SQL software when performing a backup. This destroyed any links to our database. We re-installed the software but this had no effect getting to the data. When contacting PTC they would not talk to us or our support people at all, would not even give advise until we purchased a maintenance contract. Then after purchase of this contract 8K, we find out that no one in this country knows how to work with this older version data base so we are connected to Germany (different time zone) for help. This discussion is still ongoing for about a week now. Hopefully this will eventually work out but the point is we could not purchase just support we had to purchase a full contract that will get us updated but we are not sure if our data is going to port from version 16 SQL base to19 JAVA base if we ever get it back at all.

The most important question is:

Is the WM Database still there? (hopefully).

For a database of type SQL Server, the Database is located under (e.g)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA

The database consists of (just) two files:



(if your database is "WM" which is the case).

If these files exist, your database still exists - and you should copy the files to a safe location

before you try to install any software.

If the database files are gone - your database is gone - but you still have all the Files from Workmanager

in your File Server Storage Area - which is completely separated from the Meta Data (=the database).

I guess the cheaper alternative for you would have been to get in touch with one of the former

PTC consultants specialized on CoCreate - there are a few located in US and I am sure that

they can help you.

Did you get your V16 database back?

If yes, upgrading it to a (supported) V19 is not a problem at all.

Hope to hear good news from you.



5-Regular Member

did you solved this problem?

I hope so, if not, you can contact the company I work for ( we have the skills to fix it quickly.

of course, I hope your database files are still there, or at least you have a good backup. if not, it is a disaster.

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