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Exporting an Assembly as STEP


Exporting an Assembly as STEP

Hey there,
We are trying to export a Pro/E assembly to Solidworks 2011, and are having trouble. We are exporting out of Pro/E using STEP, but when the Solidworks program opens the file, the parts are not in the correct assembled position.
I have searched the knowledge base and read through the options, but nothing is jumping out at me. Any advice on configuration settings to get this to work?
Things we have tried:
  • Checked assembly and components units. All are the same and are set to Inch.
  • Exported out and imported back into Pro/E correctly.
  • Set step_export_format to ap203_is, solidworks still pukes.
  • Set step_export_format to ap214_cd, solidworks still pukes.
I am beginning to suspect that the problem lies on the Solidworks side, but can't be sure.
Any suggestions?
CAD / PLM Systems Manager

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Have you tried disabling 'import diagnostics' on import into SW?

Hi Marc...

Have you also tried selecting a new Coordinate System (not the default) as the seed point for the STEP file? I'd try that, too and see if it has an effect on the SolidWorks side. Maybe you'll see a shift in the geometry and this will provide a clue to the underlying issue.

Also... this is a total shot in the dark but you don't happen to have the setting "interface_quality" set to anything but "3" (the default) do you? Long ago many companies figured out that setting interface_quality to 0 speeds up printing (especially when there are many lines on a drawing). However, its' a little known fact that interface quality ALSO affects solid model exports. Make sure you're not inadvertently telling Pro/E to send out a poor quality STEP model by having the interface_quality turned too low.

The only other idea I could suggest is using an alternate export scheme such as ACS or Parasolid to make the leap from Pro/E to Solidworks.

I wish I had more to offer... good luck!!


Have you tried:

1. opening the STEP file using IDA-STEP.

2. to check the recommendations from the pro-step website.

3. the other AP214_xx options; there's several.

I've always had good results when sharing STEP between SW and ProE, though both CAD systems have some anoying habits, such as SW adding revision/status data to the parts in a STEP assy and ProE adding an additional assy level, a CS and an empty part (without asking). Many CAD systems still seem to have different interpretations of the STEP iso standard's text.


We had same problem and we solved iin this way.

1. open asm

2. additing at any part definition command "fix"

3. delete all other definition set-up

4 save as step

I hope it's clear



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