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FYI: NVidia Quadro Driver 310.90 available


FYI: NVidia Quadro Driver 310.90 available

I just updated the drivers on my Dell Precision M6600 laptop with the NVidia Quadro 3000M graphics card.

The new driver version is 310.90 and it seemed to have resolved the non-Creo issues with videos from version 297.88.

So far, all is working well inside Creo 2.0 with much better control than the stock Dell driver which was qualified by PTC.

More info and compatability here:

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Well that was short lived!

The dialog for the options was completely unusable. Somehow the graphics won't keep up as you drag the slider. Also get a lot of "black zones" when changing the vertical size of the window. How annoying! This is on my Dell Precision 6600M and your platform may behave differently.

Back to the drawing board!


I decided to get bold and load the latest Dell version of the NVidia Quadro 3000M driver. It is not 296.79. This one is more stable than the NVidia version from the site. Dell must be doing something to make it compatible with their system before releasing it.

I get no artifacts on the screen and it recognizes the Creo 2.0 application. The files I had trouble with are behaving.

The original driver Dell included was actually for the Quadro 2000M. It was version 268... something. I forgot to note the version.

I did test running the maximum graphics settings and all went well.



The filename for the full driver at Dell is: Win7 64bit


Why do they have to make the drivers for the Quadro's so confusing? I'm running Wildfire 5 on a 2000, when I go to Nvidia's site and select the Partner Certified Driver, I get these choices, all of which "could" apply,


PTC (ProE),

PTC (ProE/Mechanica)

PTC ProE/Creo Element Pro

And each one has very different version numbers.

On a side note, I experienced that blackout on my Geforce 285m on my laptop at home with Creo 2.0. I'll have to check and see if there is an update for that one.

Thanks for the post and the info,


I'd like to hear the official line on this, too.

I looked at drivers last week and encountered the same confusion.

I have a feeling they are listing the applications that have configurations in their application specific settings. Funny thing is, all the settings for the Creo application configurations are "default" meaning they are the same as every other program.

The "let the application decide" entries is the caveat... and we hope that Creo actually takes advantage of the right options.

With today's graphic drivers and strive to maximize battery life on laptops, you have both, a CPU based graphics driver and the heavy lifter, the NVidia chip, for the power graphics. So far, I can only complain about Creo M030 and textures. Mostly when a lot of views in a drawing shaded with textures. That is killing my graphics driver. I was hoping this would be solved with an updated driver... no such luck.

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