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Fast Facts! Quick Tips for Using PTC Creo - Drawings Part 1


Fast Facts! Quick Tips for Using PTC Creo - Drawings Part 1

Today’s “Fast Facts!” post focuses on dimensioning and managing large drawings This content is intended to provide users with easy-to-use, actionable tips and tricks for how to use PTC Creo more effectively. These tips come from Steve Meyers and Evan Winter, two PTC Creo experts in our training group.


1. Dimensioning

Customize your dimensions using the tips listed here:


  1. Right-click while dragging a dimension to “Flip Arrows” on-the-fly.
  2. To reference values parametrically, use dimension names with “&” symbol in notes and other dimensions (i.e. “&d17”).
  3. Use “Rounded Dimension Value” to prevent modification of nominal value when decimal places are decreased.
  4. Place text in Prefix/Suffix fields to make them appear within “Basic” dimension boxes.
  5. Add text to the Dimension text field to make it appears outside “Basic” dimension boxes.

Picture 1.jpgPicture 2.jpg

2. Managing Large Drawings ( Options)

Here are few configuration options that can help you to manage large drawings:


  1. Allow_refs_to_geom_reps_in_drws allows you to control whether dimensions and notes can be created in views using Geometry Reps. Care should be taken as dimensions and annotations may not update if the geometry changes.
  2. Large drawing performance can be drastically improved by setting Auto_regen_views to no.  This setting stops the drawing from automatically updating when changing sheets or windows.
  3. To determine if HLR is peformed on quilt features, use Hlr_for_quilts.
  4. Use Save_display to save the display of drawing items such as notes and dimensions so that they are shown when a drawing is retrieved in read-only mode.
  5. To force the wireframe to fit into the drawing use Force_Wireframe_in_drawings  . Select Yes to display all views of drawings in wireframe. Select No to display views according to the display set for the session (wireframe, hidden, and so on).


Stayed tuned as we cover more PTC Creo commands, features, and shortcuts designed to help you use the product faster!


For more in-depth product feature explanations, visit our Tech Tips area.


Have some ideas about what you’d like to learn more about? Send me a message or leave a comment below and we’ll write up the best ideas from the community. Thanks for reading, looking forward to all of your feedback!

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