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Fixture Filtered in Creo1.0


Fixture Filtered in Creo1.0

We are starting to test Creo 1.0 manufacturing. It appears that when I start to define a sequence everything that is classified as a fixture is removed from the display. Is this intended functionality? Is there a config setting or a command to show the fixture?

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There is an old problem with fixture setup in pre-Creo releases and I'm
told by PTC that the fixture definition would be part of the operation
in Creo and it would be re-designed...

I'd like to hear from PTC and other users if they are also facing
problems with this...

In pre-Creo releases:

If you have a MFG start ASM for example with a bunch of fixtures on it
and you import a XML file with toolpath definitions (Processes) you
can't re-route the imported toolpaths to the existing fixture
definition, what forces you to delete your existing (And already
populated) fixture definition and re-define the imported (From XML file)
fixture definition to use the models. If you have relations driving
these fixtures, you are screwed. If you have patterned component in your
fixture, like jaws or bolts... you are even more screwed: P

After a lot of workarounds, you end up not being able to move to above
the workcell the fixture definition that was imported with the XML.
Totally crazy.

I hope more people report problems with fixtures to PTC...



Leave it to ptc to break something that worked before.


From: Santos, Daniel (GE Oil & Gas) [

Charles, Daniel, as you mentioned, in Creo 1 and afterwards there's a
new workflow to manage the fixtures, while you are defining an
operation. When you have time, please take a look...



From: Santos, Daniel (GE Oil & Gas) [

Our standard fixture components are loaded as part of our MFG Start ASM. They do not seem to be working with the new interface. For example for turning programs our standard fixture is just the lathe chuck. It is classified as a fixture but it under the new fixture dialog it is not listed. Should the existing fixture components be listed?

There are times that we will position the tool relative to a fixture components. For example, driving a tool around a clamp instead of jumping over it. I don’t like the fixture being blanked all of the time when defining a sequence. Is there a way to control when it is blanked?

It looks like we will have to change the classification of the components to workpiece so that do not disappear during the sequence definition.

I have not worked with a machining center setup yet in Creo 1.0, but I am concerned. Our standard vise setups on our vertical machining centers are all loaded via our MFG Start ASM.

Charles and others,

I didn't learn much from Jose's reply last Thursday since we are not looking at Creo yet.

If the new behavior is really "fixture is blanked during sequence creation" then I would consider that a significant loss of functionality. To me, it is valuable to be able to see the fixturing while creating toolpaths - there are already ways to hide the fixturing when a less cluttered view is desired.

The issues regarding start-assemblies and fixture redefinition also appear to be a major set-back if true.

These issues don't sound right to me, can somebody confirm whether:

* Pre-Creo functionality still exists - We just need to use a different technique?

* A mistake - later build/version fixes the behavior?

* New intended functionality - if so, for what improvement reasons?

Dave Ford
NC Programming Mgr.
G.W. Lisk Co.
Clifton Springs, NY 14432
(315) 462-4381

Team, the new behavior is not "fixture is blanked during sequence
creation", so it not intended loss of functionality. We are supporting
all fixture components assembled in previous versions.

Analyzing the model, we found something we need to fix, we are working
on that.



We had a GoToMeeting with Jose Tuesday and reviewed how we use fixtures in start mfg assemblies in WF5 and how that is not working in Creo 1.0. Jose committedto work on placing the functionality back into Creo. Jose did not give me a time frame for when the functionality will be available.

We have not found a way to use a mapkey to run our start_mfg_asm's and select the desired fixture setup on our vertical machining centers. At this point the work around is to either reclassify all of the fixture components to workpieces or to manually edit the operation and copy the fixture components to the operation. Once the components are copied to the operation theyare visiblewhen defining a sequence. The fixture thencan be manually removed a component at a time.

At this point we think that our target date of March 2012 for Creo release may be pushed out. Itwould benifit all of us if more people load Creo 1.0 and take a look at howfixtures are being handled and give Jose more feedback.

Hi Charles,

Thanks for the update. Nearly a year ago we've put this to PTC and
filled an enhancement request. Didn't hear a single thing from them yet
(As many of us know Enhancement Requests via web are not really working
currently as far as I know)

It's incredible to have a high-end system like Pro/E to accelerate the
duplication of assembly components, patterning of them... but none of
these are available in the fixture manager. Each component needs to be
inserted manually one component at a time. The problem importing XML
files and getting the fixture screwed is also an open point at PTC and I
have no idea if Creo 1.0 solves this... I don't think so... So I hope
they look into this in Creo 2.0 while they have time for it yet... It's
frustrating to see these problems around release after release...

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