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Graphic Error(or Crash) in Creo Parametric 2.0


Graphic Error(or Crash) in Creo Parametric 2.0

Hello, i'm in trouble so i begging you help me to solve this problems.

the problems are shown below:


some lines are appearing in graphic area(two white lines in picture 1, and three brown lines in picture 2). when i rotate or zoom in&out the model, that wierd lines are not removed and rotate or zoom together.

sometimes it happens in Part models & 2D Drawings, but i can't find the reasons.

i tried to applying the option "graphics win32_gdi" but it doesn't work.

we have windchill 10.1 and my Creo Parametric's datecode is M130.

VGA is geforce GTX550 and other PC spec is enough to run Creo Parametric.

Win7 Pro ver, 64bit, 8GB RAM, nothing seems bad. but that problems keep bothering me.

plz somebody help me...

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The problem may be your graphics card. Geforce cards are generally not considered suitable for CAD - the Quadro series is preferred.

You could try changing your graphics drivers (either update to the latest version or backdate to an older version) but this may not make any difference.

i thought that once, but some of other PC occur that problems. and the VGA of that PC is Quadro K600.


try following options:

enable_opengl_fbo no

enable_opengl_vbo no

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

Hi Martin,

I am not able to see these config options.

I could find only enable_opengl_shader for opengl.

Is this config option depends on the make of graphics card?


Sachin Mahajan


maybe these options are hidden ones. Simply open your in Notepad and add two lines containing options into it. Then restart Creo.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák


thanks for your help, but it didn't work.

can you give me other solution?

thanks anyway.


I am sorry I do not have any other suggestion.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

i guess i found the solution, but not proved yet.

i'll write another thread. i hope you to see that later. thanks



can you upload picture showing properties of your graphic card ? See my example.


Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák


Hi, Hanak

i uploaded the picture that you said,

but not only that one PC but many other PC also has same problem.

and i guess we found a solution.

will you read that thread if you don't mind?

i can't understand how that options can blow error off.



I already read relations between Graphic crash and Creo embedded browser discussion. I think it does not solve your problem, because Creo will crash after some time (if I understood you well).

In the past I met the situation when current version of graphic drivers did not work correctly.

Currently you use version released on 2014-10-24.

If I was you I would try little bit older driver version, for example from year 2013.

Go to, download and install some version.



Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

Hi Hanak,

we already did the work you said, but that was not effective.

And we find another symptoms.

when i read the creo model/drawing files in local(the file i stored in my HDD), the graphics is fine.

in this situation, i just open the other files from windchill cabinet or workspace, all of files in session is being to crash.(whatever it opened from local or Windchill commonspace/workspace)

so i think it is not about H/W or Drivers problem. i think it causes from Windchill server or vault.

we logged the case to the PTC TS yesterday night and they said to me give the Windchill log files.



I had problems similar to that in Wildfire 5. In my case, the brown lines were actually the datum planes. Also, my entire screen would turn red when I highligted an object. I would have to quit and restart Proe. My problem ended up being an incompatibility with my monitor and my AMD graphics card. I switched to a newer monitor and the problem went away.

Hi Tim,

yes, you're right.

that brown lines disappeared when i turn all datums off.

and in our PCs, we saw red, green, blue lines also. it was the spin center.

but in our case, it didn't work simply changing VGA/VGADriver/Moniter, etc...

anyway, i'm so glad to find the people who suffered the problem what i'm suffering. we got hope.

thanks, Tim


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