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How to get the total number of floating licenses?


How to get the total number of floating licenses?

I know how to get an overview of the licenses currently used and their users (by using "aa licenses" in the command window). Unfortunately, I can't find a reference in the instructions to see the total number of available floating licenses. Is there a way to get this info from the PTC/MKS vendor daemon-process? Thanks!


Hi Stephan,

There are a few ways to get the total license count. The easiest way is to read the license.dat file on the server itself (it can be opened using any text editor). Typically the license.dat is stored in <IntegrityServerInstallDIR>/data/license, but to confirm you can open <IntegrityServerInstallDIR>/config/properties/ (open it in a text editor) and look for the 'mksis.licensepath' property - this will tell you where your license is kept. When you open the license, you can look for the following:

FEATURE MKSSourceIntegrity-Float MKS 5.0 permanent 10

FEATURE MKSIntegrityManager-Float MKS 5.0 permanent 5

In the two examples above, I have 10 Source Floating licenses, and 5 Integrity (Workflows and Documents) floating licenses. In your license.dat, the float licenses may be split into multiple lines that start with 'INCREMENT' instead of 'FEATURE' - you'll want to add the increment lines to the feature lines to get the total number.

If you want to use Flexnet to get the license information, you can click 'Perform Status Inquiry' on the 'Server Status' tab in LMTOOLS (older versions of Flexnet) and look for 'Total licenses / In Use'. If you're using the newer Flexnet (Web-based), look under the 'Dashboard' tab > click 'Concurrent', and you will see In Use / Available numbers for each license feature.

Hope this helps!



I hoped there would be a simple CLI command to get the number.

But thanks for your answer!!

There is a CLI command, but you must have Admin permissions to run it:

im diag --diag=licenses

It will provide you output similar to the following:

SI Floating Licenses: 0

SI Seat Licenses: 0

IM Floating Licenses: 0

IM Seat Licenses: 0

If you want to monitor and track license usage over time, I suggest using the PTC System Monitor (PSM) to do this. An example screenshot is shown below:


perhaps this might be simple enough:

<proe load point>/bin/ptcstatus.bat

ptcstatus.bat is not provided with the PTC Integrity product, but this is good to know for Creo customers.

I really must learn to look to see what thread I'm in before I go spoutin' off.

OK, thanks! But when I run this command I still get just the used licenses including the current users, but not the total number of available floating licenses. But thanks anyway, since it returns the information in a better way than 'aa licenses'.


Hello Stephan,

Are all of your float licenses currently in use?  Do you have multiple servers?

Does this article help?



Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager
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