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Increasing model display quality


Increasing model display quality

Just upgraded to Creo 1.0 and I noticed the model is much lower quality than wf5. Previously I set my NVIDIA card to override any settings to increase antialiasing. This doesnt seem to have an effect on the model anymore. Is there anyway to override the creo settings, or maybe I am missing something?


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Hi Aaron,

i do don't know if this helps, but there was a new config option which was introduced in WF4 (i think), it is shade_quality, try setting the value to the maximum 10. Just a thought.




Maximum value is now 50.

Hi Aaron...

You can certainly set the Shade Quality as John has suggested. You can set this on the fly instead of in your configuration options (if that helps). There are several options to help improve the graphic display of objects in Creo. First there's Edge Quality (which can be set from Low to Very High). There's also Shade Quality... and several other switches that may or may not help.

Would it be possible to see a screenshot of the before and after images to compare? Do you have any screenshots off your old Pro/E installation compared to Creo? There are quite a few switches but if I could see an image it might help me determine whether Creo is the culprit of perhaps just a graphics card setting.

Rather than rattle off a long email about all the switches and options... maybe seeing the problem would help narrow it down?




For Creo Parametric 1.0, forcing anti-aliasing through the NVIDIA Control Panel will not work due to some underlying changes in how Creo does its drawing and limits to overriding FSAA. Creo Parametric 2.0 supports anti-aliasing up to 32x through a setting in the application.


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